me 'n M.E.: I ripped the runway

(I was sitting here watching #SYTYCD when the craziest dancer came on with the biggest ego, yet still came across so nice and I thought it was time for me to have an EGO-moment as well.) Sooo.... I did that thing again, where I pretend to be a model. Hahahhaa, naah just kidding, we all know I AM a model. Sometimes. When they catch me from my good side. But enough about me, let's get down to my performance (and the amazing clothes of course

The date: Monday, August the 27th
The location: Some building in Amsterdam I clearly don't remember the name or address from
The show: AMFI's 2nd year Honours show
The designer: S.P. (I have to check with him if it's okay for me to write his full name)

Back in the days I used to do what I like to call community modeling (no disrespect to the designers or shows, but it just means that it wasn't Paris Fashion Week ;) ) all the time, but lately not so much anymore. However, when you're in a fashion school where designers are always in need of models and 1. there aren't many guys around, and 2. of those guys not all can or are willing to play the part, a brotha can't help but roll into positions where I have to use my good looks.

In this case, I was just helping out a friend as a fitting model for his check with the teachers, when suddenly those teachers decided right there and then that both myself and the other guy should be the models in the show as well, because (I quote) "we are masculine, but also have a soft side". That cracked us all up and then they tried to convince us that it's fun and that we should do it. Little did they know, I love a little attention so they didn't have to ask me twice. DUH!

The collection he made was SUPERB! Like, SICKENING, OMG, I can't believe this looks sooo dope. I mean, it had "a bit" of an edge and studs and all things DIVO isn't a big fan of, but it was all executed with such sophistication and refinement that anyone who doesn't love it is just plain crazy.

For reasons beyond my understanding, I got nervous right before the show. In my opinion, I fucked up. I walked super fast (things-not-2-do-on-the-runway-rule #1), or as one of my friends put it "I was walking for rent". And I looked like I was about to kill a nigga hahaha. I guess I made the right choice by not trying to pursue modeling #getoveryourself. But since it was a fashion show I'll share one of the runway shots with you anyways.

What's with the flying chin like it's on cloud 9 or sum'? Seriously, not a good look DIVO. I guess even I have off-days. Maybe I'm human after all.

Love, R.

P.S.: The next time someone asks me to model, I'll totally do it again though hahahah. I have to redeem myself!

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  1. Walking 4 rent or not. I enjoed the show and you did a good job.

    And the clothes are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.G.G.G.G.G!!!!

    Does he have a website or something? I'd like to see more of his work! :)