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THE DIVO IS BACK Y'ALL, and he's harder, better, faster and stronger than ever. How you aksss me? He be rollin' with the big dawgs in the scene now.. Yesterday was all about the launch of the new all-male-errthing CODE magazine. Guess who was the-here....

without sucking up just because I attended the event, I have to say that CODE is much better now. Of course I love fashion and lifestyle magazines that are fully dedicated to men (don't worry though Anna, I still buy your Septermber issues ;) ), so that's a shoe-in, but honestly the look and feel has improved tremendously. Before, I used to think that the graphic design was screaming and it felt a bit forced between the typography and the dashed lines, but now it has this effortless sophistication to it that in combination with the imagery and lay out still manages to feel young and fresh and masculine (duhhh). It actually makes me want to read it, which I can't say for all the magazines that I be buying (I haven't been to my magazine stores in a week I'm realizing just now :s.. #spokenlikeatrueaddict).

So at first we were just awkwardly hangin' out with ourselves, but then we started to mingle a little and I actually had an amazing time. Like, I talked to their intern to get some in tell (fashion is all about who you know and who can get you IN, that's all I'm sayin') and I met the owners of IGallic. Sometimes it's nice to meet young professionals and hear their perspective on things. The guys were so chill and nice and just shared some ideas with us and stuff, so that was awesome. Not that I asked, but they weren't too much older than us I think and they just started they own bizznizz. They just did it. I should do that too cuz I got ish to do in this world (fo real, fo real, fo real, fo real... -it's a reference to a song, in case you were wondering).

The location, the art that was exhibited and errthing was just very laid back and the music was off the hook (who still says that?? I guess the DIVO does!). I can't reveal too much of course and some things I will be getting back to in the future (I am workin' on a lil sum' sum' with  the 'HAUTE COUTURE ALLURE' crew, so stay tuned for that). Besides, these images were taken by Bradley Miles from Insiderunited.com and I didn't wanna totally use them all you know (I didn't even ask.. Hope they won't sue my ass :s... Okay, Imma send him a message hahahah just to be safe).

And in case you ever wondered; this is the life I've always envisioned for myself.

Love, R.

P.S.: #THATAWKWARDMOMENT when you don't recognise the Editor-in-Chief from the pictures you've seen and totally don't say hi or even smile or whatever when you see him at the event.. Yeah, I guess my chances of doing my internship there are ruined hahaha. Oh well.. It's another excuse to go to New York

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