Is that yo kidd...... WHO DATT?!

YES YES YEEEEESSSS! The wait is ova you guys. The Carter family has finally decided to share their new born with the world. I love how they did it through Tumblr (how 21st Century of them, right?!) without any bidding wars between magazines and stuff. Such a class act, much like errthing else about these two. Well here they are, enjoy them..

To be honest I am quit surprised that they even showed us pictures though. I mean, I'm still waiting on pictures from their wedding day (that 1 sec. clip of BeyoncĂ© getting dressed in her wedding dress in her 'I Was Here' Roseland performance was not satisfying AT ALL!!). I guess they did this one for the fans. HOLLA!

Babies have got to be the most amazing things in the world EVER! I remember when my sister was born two years ago. It's such an incredible experience, you can't imagine until you've felt it. And looking at these pictures I can tell that it's the exact same feeling that we had. I think it's the same for everyone all over the world. It's just the magic that comes with baby birth.

Image courtesy of Concreteloop

To think that everyone called BeyoncĂ© out for faking this pregnancy.What is wrong with you people?! LOOK AT THOSE HIPS! Hips don't lie people, Shakira told us that waaaaay back. And her breasts... Oh My GOD. Now B was never big in that department, but that baby has done her body well. I choose not to post a picture where you can clearly see her new fuller bust size, because I don't want to objectify her, so just google it for yourself you perv. I just want to say that the Queen Bee is now a WO-MAN. I mean, she was hot before, but this new body of hers is just BEYON-DD! Shawn is a very lucky man, I can tell you that.

Images courtesy of helloblueivycarter.tumblr.com

This child is Beautiful. And call me crazy, but I see that resemblance to the Knowles-clan already. I'm telling you, Tina has got some strong genes that woman. And the eyes are from Jay I think (look at me being all baby-expert hahaha). Anyways, I hope that the paparazzi will let it rest now and give these people the peace and respect to enjoy this precious time.

Love, R. 

P.S.: Makes you wanna have a baby yourself, right?

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