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Between  Ryan Seacrest gettin' baptised with a dead man's ashes, eleven year old girls rockin' Valentino Couture and the Bridesmaids cast drinkin' on stage, the Oscars definitely had some memorable moments. I recall two years ago they weer trynna reach a younger audience and errthing, by making the ceremoney more hip and spectaculare. Hugh Jackman performed with Beyoncé and the HSM-cast and I must say that that year was definitely one of my favourites. I just wanna know where we went wrong.. Like who said that young people were watching again? I mean, I don't even count, I live for this ish. And seriously that whole hype around Pharrell doing the music for the show, SERIOUSLY?! That dude was stuck in that little booth and we only saw him in a wide shot errtime we went to the commercials. Besides, I couldn't tell the difference, the music was just like every other year. Obviously this year was a little disappointing. I always focus on the good, so I can't even say one word about the opening or the host. Let's just get to me breakin' it down for ya.


Errtime I watch a red carpet show those people crack me up when they talk about "the trends of tonight." As soon as they see two dresses in the same colour, they run and say that it's a huge trend. Folks who is not in fashion will buy that crap. I'm here to tell you what it's really like, aaight; don't believe the hype!! However, black, white and sequins were definitely trending last night. For real, those dresses dominated the carpet. But only a few deserve to be mentioned.

Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford. Words can not describe the high level of fashion involved in creating this effortless chic look. This is fashion just because it is. It's not tryin' to be. In fact it's not tryin' at all. It just is. Amazing. What can you say. She looks flawless.

Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton and Forever Mark Jewelry. Look.. Okay.. so this girl always kind of worked on my nerves. Like, I didn't hate her, cuz I don't do that, but I never got why everyone was so crazy about her. I always thought she was okay, but nothing special. Until I saw My Week With Marilyn. In my opinion, she should've gotten the Oscar for Best Actress in a leading role. So one day we went to the cinema and that was the movie we were gonna see, so I just found myself sitting there. From the very first scene I asked myself why she got the part of Marilyn, because she is not what you would think of as "sexy." But boy did she charm her way into my heart. Her performance was so sincere, so small and honest. This is the magic of Cinema. She not only made the male lead fall in love with her, but me too hahaha. I'm telllin' you, I had the hots for her. Especially that moment when she says "Shall I be her" in the movie, *sigh*, I. Just. Died.
Giuliana Rancic KILLIN' it in Tony Ward Couture spring 2012. This right here is my favourite host. If it was up to me she and Ryan Seacrest could host everything. Don't nobody do a red carpet show like E! Entertainment, ya digg. She always looks amazing though, but this time she out shined some of the stars IMO. And Tony Ward happens to be my favourite couture house (I recently changed to Jean-Paul Gaultier, cuz he does couture for men as well, but deep in my heart I still think Tony wins hands down)


So some stars came out to play. Literally. It's not a good look.

I'm still confused about this moment. So on the left we have Jenny from the block in Zuhair Murad and on the right Cameron Diaz in Gucci. Jennifer is slayin' with this dress. Cameron, baby, you hot and all that, but you should never EVER pose like that with J.Lo. You lose honey. Big time! And Jennifer, you still got it mamasita (but please leave Benny Medina home next time. He's startin' to look like yo pimp)

hahahahah I can't.. This.. You just had to see it. This was beyond awkward.

My man Diddy decided to use the carpet as his personal dressing room. This dude gets outta his car and stands in front of it to get ready. He was standing there and only then did they put his jacket on him (yes I said they put it on him. He has people for that). He was using his car as a mirror while he checked himself out for about five minutes, while his personal dresser brushed off his DJ (dress jacket). How is that not pimpin'.. Gotta love a Divo-move like that.


Three kodak moments that have to be absorbed for what they are, without any text around them. First of all Ocatavia Spencer winning best actress in a supporting role for her heart breaking performance in The Help. Her speech was priceless ("I'm wrapping up, please wrap it up"). Then, Viola Davis rockin' her hair au natural. I loved how after mentioning that her dress was Vera Wang, she went on to say that her mom did her hair. BE-YOND. I can't describe this. It is the pride of her standing there with her own hair, representing. That right there was beauty at its best. So what I hated the bottom of that dress? Her whole being and what she was sending out into the world was far more important.

Forget about the two dudes on the outside. This image is about Diddy and T.J. Martin, the first African-American director to win an Oscar for his documentary Undefeated. Diddy is standing there all happy, because he won as well, since he co-produced it. (#thatawkwardmoment when you're holding on to someone else's Oscar, cuz you didn't receive your own yet).

Gotta Be Having DEJA VU

Emma Stone not only gave me one of the funniest moments of the night while presenting, she also looked amazing in Giambattista Valli. Only thing is, the dress seemed like the combination of two other showstoppers I had previously seen; Nicole Kidman's Balenciaga dress and J.Lo's Gucci moment last year at the Met Gala. I guess, ain't nothin' wrong with that, right??...

Meryl Streep won her third Oscar last night, but all I can remember is her gettin' her sexy on in this sustainable one of a kind Lanvin. The fact that Kim K. rocked something similar to the Grammy's (the home of daring red carpet dresses) and Beyoncé to the 2007 MTV VMA's (the home of crazy red carpet moments) says enuff.. But hey, as long as she feelin' it, good for her! I think she looked hot btw.

Red Carpet Goes GREEN

This was the winning design (the aforementioned Lanvin from Streep was a contender as well) from the Red Carpet Green Contest, worn by Missi Pyle. The dress was designed by Valentina Delfino and the broche is Vintage Chanel. Cruelty free silk worms were used to make this dress, as well as recycled zippers and polyester. And the pleats are all done by hand. Each pleat took a reported twelve hours to construct. Green never looked this good #justsayin'

Video girl

As soon as I saw Rose Byrne in this Vivienne Westwood dress, Chanel Jewelry and Jimmy Choo shoes I thought she was an extra that just walked off of the set from la prochaine video musique

She looked hot though.

Love, R.

P.S.: What was your favourite dress? (I didn't include Angelina btw, cuz her dress didn't photograph well. But yes I did dream about that leg last night #realtalk)

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