and the winners are.... #Oscars2012

Between  Ryan Seacrest gettin' baptised with a dead man's ashes, eleven year old girls rockin' Valentino Couture and the Bridesmaids cast drinkin' on stage, the Oscars definitely had some memorable moments. I recall two years ago they weer trynna reach a younger audience and errthing, by making the ceremoney more hip and spectaculare. Hugh Jackman performed with BeyoncĂ© and the HSM-cast and I must say that that year was definitely one of my favourites. I just wanna know where we went wrong.. Like who said that young people were watching again? I mean, I don't even count, I live for this ish. And seriously that whole hype around Pharrell doing the music for the show, SERIOUSLY?! That dude was stuck in that little booth and we only saw him in a wide shot errtime we went to the commercials. Besides, I couldn't tell the difference, the music was just like every other year. Obviously this year was a little disappointing. I always focus on the good, so I can't even say one word about the opening or the host. Let's just get to me breakin' it down for ya.