TRUTH-B-TOLD: They were the best PERFORMERS

By now everyone has gotten over the whole new year thing, but I think it's odd. Before the year ends you get killed with all these best-of-lists, and once the year started everyone moves on again, like nothing happened. But is it just me or shouldn't you wait for the year to end completely before putting together any lists about it? I mean, I could be wrong (even though I'm not, obviously), but I think it's kinda iffy. Anyways, I did wait, cuz on New Year's Eve some amazing ish still goes down and I had to make sure to take those into consideration as well. Now I can honestly say that these are the best live performances of 2011. (and no Trey Songz did not make the list ladies. Anyone can take off their shirt, it don't impress me. Try putting on a real show).

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#1. Bruno Mars ft. B.o.B & Janell Monae [Grammy's]
This is what I live for; musicality! Yes, baby, yes (imagine Mo'nique sayin' it, after her BeyoncĂ© intro @BET awards). How many times can you perform the same song and still surprise and impress people (I hate to say this, but B, take notes! Cuz you forgot how to do that after the first time you performed Single Ladies (put a ring on it)). 4 real, I was not expecting this. The year before(2010) I already  got obsessed with Grenade after that acoustic set, but last year Bruno changed it all up and made me  love that song all over again. And I can't get over the amount of talent and chemistry between these three. They are like some super band. No need for other people to back them  up or play the instruments. They got it like that!

#2. Rihanna [Brit Awards]
I am so happy that I can finally mention a performance from "Jamaican"(yes, I threw some shades right thuuuur) pride miss Rihanna in a positive way. This girl has come such a long way. Honestly, it took her long enough. Now her energy level isn't completely there yet, but I'm settling for her being able to hold those notes and tryinna bust a move (Rhi Rhi I see you).

#3. Jay Z & Kanye West [VMA's]
Just because of this thing called a throne, which they are sittin' on. That's it. I don't have to say anything else about it. They. Are. Winning. (WHAAAAAOOOAAAA)

#4. Jennifer Lopez [AMA's]
She is back! And she brought us back to the time when performances were actually mind-blowin'. The time when stages would convert into different settings and stars would change outfits multiple times ON stage.  The time when The MTV Europe Music Awards were ACTUALLY European. (Jenny from the block made me remember her epic I-landed-on-this-stage-with-my-private-jet-to-perform-love don't cost a thing for you-performance) If only other stars would understand...

#5. Beyoncé [Billboard Music Awards]
What can one say about this show-stopping sensation of a performance. I wish that I could have that moment for life. I remember finding a link to watch the show after B had performed already and everybody was tweetin' and talking about how epic it was and I could not find it anywhere. Then about half an hour later I did. My life has not been the same ever since. This woman tore that stage up! She elevated not only herself, but the level of excellence for the entire industry. She left it all on stage and I am still pickin' up the pieces.. (And yes this other Italian woman did it first, but whatever. Nobody knew about it anyways and if it wasn't for the Queen B, you still wouldn't)

THAT body and THAT dress. The lord is good ladies and gentleman. DAMN! (This whole time I was wondering why I never got the same level of dance I got here from her at all the other live performances. Now of course we all know she was in her first critical trimester, so she had to take it slow. Especially after that little secret of hers that Jigga spilled in Glory)

#bonus [Emmy Awards]
As a little bonus I'd like to close this post off with a performance that is truly moving. I won't even say who it is from. Just watch. If you can't appreciate it, you don't know what good music really is, you party-rock freak!

Love, R.

P.S.: Did I miss anyone?

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