TRUTH-B-TOLD: They were the best PERFORMERS

By now everyone has gotten over the whole new year thing, but I think it's odd. Before the year ends you get killed with all these best-of-lists, and once the year started everyone moves on again, like nothing happened. But is it just me or shouldn't you wait for the year to end completely before putting together any lists about it? I mean, I could be wrong (even though I'm not, obviously), but I think it's kinda iffy. Anyways, I did wait, cuz on New Year's Eve some amazing ish still goes down and I had to make sure to take those into consideration as well. Now I can honestly say that these are the best live performances of 2011. (and no Trey Songz did not make the list ladies. Anyone can take off their shirt, it don't impress me. Try putting on a real show).

(Image courtesy of Concreteloop)


me 'n M.E.: Ya boy is back (again)

Whaddup beautiful people!! I know I've been MIA for a long time, but I was out enjoying my holidays (with all the consequences that came with it, lord knows). I know that errrone is all over being online 24/7, but honestly the thought of that type of commitment scares me a little bit. Just a little. I just like time for me and now that I've had some of that I can go back to sharing with you.

Love, R.

P.S.: Miss me?