M.O.S.: I saw an angel

If ever there was an image that would make a man pick up a newspaper it has got to be this one. 


M.O.S.: Yeah I'm talkin' B.

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I haven't done this in a while, but I was looking at this video and DAAAAYUUUUUUM! #speechless


TIR - The Internship Reports: I went to Dusseldorf

Sooo.. In case you didn't know, I'm kind of having the time of my life right now at my internship. God, it should be illegal, really (I already feel that not-wanting-to-go-back-to-AMFI-feeling creepin' up on me). But anyways I've been doing some really fun stuff and I thought I'd update you. So basically in my third week we already took a little trip to Düsseldorf, where we had our own stand at GDS international event for Shoes & Accessories (Our car was so packed, that I literally had to sit with my suitcase on me legs the whole drive from Waalwijk to Dusseldorf. Thank the lord it wasn't heavy, cuz I'm known to carry heavy luggage (#blameitonthemagazines).  


I-READ: Vman 27

Hi my name is DIVO and I'm a recovering magazine addict. I have to say though, that I'm kind of past my addiction. You know, at this point I've seen and read so many magazines that most of them fail to impress me anymore (thank the lord for that, it took me long enough to get here). But I still have a few favourites and since after reading them I always feel enlightened, I thought I'd share my findings with you. This way I feel like it wasn't for nothing, and you don't have to buy it. win-win!


me 'n M.E.: I ripped the runway

(I was sitting here watching #SYTYCD when the craziest dancer came on with the biggest ego, yet still came across so nice and I thought it was time for me to have an EGO-moment as well.) Sooo.... I did that thing again, where I pretend to be a model. Hahahhaa, naah just kidding, we all know I AM a model. Sometimes. When they catch me from my good side. But enough about me, let's get down to my performance (and the amazing clothes of course


me 'n M.E.: Life as an intern

So... I know it's been months since I've posted, but I'm here in Germany right now, stuck in a hotel room (who said fashion was glamorous), while I totally could've been at London Fashion Week, living the pretentious life hahahah - God Bless friends in high places -, but you can't have it all and what I'm doing here is kind of cool as well (I'll tell you about it later). Seems like the perfect time to update you on what I've been doing, cuz just like my friends like to say "sharing is caring".


EXCLUSIVE: Fashion for the people (featuring The House of Byfield)

Whilst in the weekend of April 20th and 21st the eyes of the fashion industry were on the highly anticipated Vogue Festival in London, 321 kilometers across the North Sea there was another fashion event taking place. One that actually was, for the people. 



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THE DIVO IS BACK Y'ALL, and he's harder, better, faster and stronger than ever. How you aksss me? He be rollin' with the big dawgs in the scene now.. Yesterday was all about the launch of the new all-male-errthing CODE magazine. Guess who was the-here....


and the winners are.... #Oscars2012

Between  Ryan Seacrest gettin' baptised with a dead man's ashes, eleven year old girls rockin' Valentino Couture and the Bridesmaids cast drinkin' on stage, the Oscars definitely had some memorable moments. I recall two years ago they weer trynna reach a younger audience and errthing, by making the ceremoney more hip and spectaculare. Hugh Jackman performed with Beyoncé and the HSM-cast and I must say that that year was definitely one of my favourites. I just wanna know where we went wrong.. Like who said that young people were watching again? I mean, I don't even count, I live for this ish. And seriously that whole hype around Pharrell doing the music for the show, SERIOUSLY?! That dude was stuck in that little booth and we only saw him in a wide shot errtime we went to the commercials. Besides, I couldn't tell the difference, the music was just like every other year. Obviously this year was a little disappointing. I always focus on the good, so I can't even say one word about the opening or the host. Let's just get to me breakin' it down for ya.


TRUTH-B-TOLD: They were the best PERFORMERS

By now everyone has gotten over the whole new year thing, but I think it's odd. Before the year ends you get killed with all these best-of-lists, and once the year started everyone moves on again, like nothing happened. But is it just me or shouldn't you wait for the year to end completely before putting together any lists about it? I mean, I could be wrong (even though I'm not, obviously), but I think it's kinda iffy. Anyways, I did wait, cuz on New Year's Eve some amazing ish still goes down and I had to make sure to take those into consideration as well. Now I can honestly say that these are the best live performances of 2011. (and no Trey Songz did not make the list ladies. Anyone can take off their shirt, it don't impress me. Try putting on a real show).

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me 'n M.E.: Ya boy is back (again)

Whaddup beautiful people!! I know I've been MIA for a long time, but I was out enjoying my holidays (with all the consequences that came with it, lord knows). I know that errrone is all over being online 24/7, but honestly the thought of that type of commitment scares me a little bit. Just a little. I just like time for me and now that I've had some of that I can go back to sharing with you.

Love, R.

P.S.: Miss me?