Winter Fashion Bliss: I want PREPPY

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Mom, I think I want to be preppy!
I first saw this ad in a magazine and I could not turn the page. My eyes were on LOCK. How fresh is this? I mean, come on! Eau de Prep?! Like, they are taking preppy to a whole new level. They gave it swagg. I'm stating it right here, right now; it's cool to be a prep (can you even say prep, or is it only preppy? I don't care, I'm making my own rules), ya hear me? It's no longer uptight, or conservative or whatever. And we've got our amazing friends at Tommy Hilfiger to thank for that.

Home Alone 1. That's what I thought of when I first saw this image. Look at the house, the big family and the two cars. Tell me that you don't see the resemblance. Amazing right. How could you not fall in love with this campaign, the clothes and the brand when you have to think about one of the most timeless movies ever made?

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I actually got addicted to the Tommy Hilfiger drug last spring/summer when they first launched (I could be wrong though. Because of all the sleepless nights I had over these past 2 years my mind ain't what it used to be) "The Hilfigers". The genius part about this family is that ain't no way that these people are all related, but you believe it. They have some black folks, an Asian guy and an Arabic guy thrown in the bunch, but because of the lighting and the position and all that you don't even notice it. So 2011. Let's be real, in this time and age families no longer exist from one race, cuz your cousin is dating a girl from Spain and your uncle is married to a Moroccan girl, so you know, it's all good (even though in this context it appears that they are all siblings). I just love it. And if I'm gonna be completely honest I have to say that they sold me on adding colours to their clothes hahahahahah. All those  coloured pants and shirts and ish. I wish someone would make my parents rich (the whole idea of being preppy is that you were born into money, so me becoming a millionaire myself is not really the same, you know). Till that day, obviously, I can not afford to go to Tommy. I'll just pretend like my H&M sweater is just as cool.

And this image is just as a reminder to my upcoming birthday (hint hint). And again I wanna pay homage to the dopeness of this "eau". The logo, the flags, the colours, the design of the bottle, the bottle top; certified ill!

Love, R.

P.S.: Don't you wish you was a Hilfiger too?

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