Special Christmas Delivery... courtesy of RyFa

Merry Christmas everyone. Yes, I too wish you  and your family a joyful holiday season filled with love, happiness, laughter and all things good. Of course I wouldn't be me if I didn't make it a little more personal, so Imma do it my way and give you a small selection of great Christmas performances. Sit back, relax and enjoy this CHRISTMAS SPECIAL. Here it goes (normally I would say #leggoo, but for this time of the year you have to be a little decent and all that)

Of course I have to start with the Queen. Beautiful. Breathtaking. Beautiful. Amazing. Beautiful. Timeless. Beautiful. ugh.. I'm in love again. Let's just watch the video.

I love this beautiful women singin' beautiful songs, so Imma hit you up with another one. Shakira, Shakira! I never really knew that you could sing like this. You make a man wanna be Santa!

I can't discriminate though. Some men got voices that make me wanna never open my mouth again. Like Damn, can I has some?! Michael Bublé is one of those men. Pair him up with the always stunning, always sensual and oh so talented Kelly Rowland; magic happens!

This next performance by no means is in my list of favourite performances, but I was just so confused by it that I had to throw it in the mix. Okay, so the Biebster decided to throw a Christmas album on us, good for him (next), but I found out that Busta was featured on one of the songs. Drummer Boy of all songs. I was like WHAT??! Who fell on their head and made that happen. How is he gonn' do his so-fast-you-can't-understand-a-word-rap on a classic slow song like that. Well, here's how.

Classic example of hate it or love it. There's nothin' in the middle. Anyways, I couldn't close off with that one, so here's the all time ultimate Christmas song, Because all I want for Christmas is you (Nike Girl! Hahahaha I hope you're reading this. Anyways, happy holidays again to the rest of you!).

Love, R.

P.S.: What's your favourite Christmas performance?

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