WORD?!: All about the Carters

In music a lot of people are connected to one another. I thought it'd be funny to dedicate this session of WORD?! to my favourite celebrity clan. #Leggoo
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  1. I hear that papa Knowles is doin' a making-the-band-esque show premiering on MTV next week. What's the dealio with that? Did Diddy decline or sum'? (I'm not sure how much Matthew can do for people whose names are not Beyoncé #realtalk) I've been dying for a new season though, preferably one which reunites Danity Kane and Day26 once again, but I would've settled for a completely new band too.
  2. Speaking of bands, whaddup with the DC-girls, they are falling off hard. I don't even get this whole drama Kelly's involved in over on the X-Factor U.K., but why is she releasing so many videos after each other? PROMOTE one till we can't hear it anymore for the love of God and then move on to the next (has Rihanna taught y'all nothin'??)
  3. And why the hell is B doin' the exact same thing, like WTF? Besides the fact that I don't get that video for Countdown, how is she poppin' out all these other videos like her life is depending on it? I don't even wanna mention how she is too late with releasing that Love On Top video, which by the way was only released for Australia or sum'. She should've dropped that ish right after the VMA's, everyone was all excited and stuff about her performance and pregnancy. LOVE woulda been ON TOP of the charts for weeks.
  4. I know Jigga man is gonna stuck to his wife's hip with that baby droppin' in a couple of months, but can we still get The Throne to tour in Europe as well? And while we're at it, Diddy Dirty Money as well please!
  5. And what does Jay think bout Yee rockin' that leather kilt?
  6. Kanye, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEEEE release a mens line for Dw by Kanye West as well (and make sure that the prices are reasonable so that I can actually pretend like I'm gonna buy some pieces)
  7. Oh and can all artist stop this mess of making a video for a shorter version of their singles?!! I mean, I get that Power was too expensive a video to let it last four minutes, but Seriously B, you could've added another 4x8 steps to your routine instead of scrapping the second verse. The video is so fresh and so cool, but it's such a shame that it feels incomplete.
  8. Now that the Biebster is rockin' a robot arm, can I do it as well, without people saying that I'm trying to be Beyoncé? On second thought they might think that I want to be bieber.. I don't know which one is worse.. You know what, forget I ever mentioned it

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    And last but not least, this has nothing to do with the Knowles-Carters or music for that matter, but I had to..
  9. Didn't I tell y'all Kim K. would not stay married for a long time? At this point this family to me is so shady. I mean, I never really understood that relationship anyways, from the bits and pieces that I've seen from it, but really?? That husband of Kim's was acting like it was a joke from the beginning, but I never thought that this would be just for the show. At least Khloe and Lemar seem genuinely in love and Kourtney and Scott, how crazy they drive each other, they seem to be madly in love as well.. The things some people will do for fame... I'd rather stay unknown and live happily ever after with the love I get from my friends and family #realtalk
Love, R.

P.S.: How long before Kim starts "dating" again? I say four weeks!

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