TRUTH-B-TOLD (2/2): The ending the way I first wrote it

So here it is, the ending as it should have been. Oh and I'd like to say upfront that I'm not just makin' random accusations. If you don't believe me, DO YO RESEARCH!! (Or just watch Cadillac Records and Dreamgirls lol) #Leggoo

......Giving it so called swag. And those who have put themselves through the test of wearing a skinny jean might see how sagging it makes dancing a little easier as the jeans are quite tight.

It is funny how we look at the skinny jeans as a caucasion phenomenon. If from a musical angle Elvis Presley is the first one to wear the skinny jeans, than in fact these jeans originate from the black man. Little is brought to daylight about it, but the image, look, sound and moves of Elvis were based off of the black artist Chuck Berry. Who knows, if things were different back then maybe Adam Levine would’ve been singing moves like Berry. Oh well, at least the black man takes credit for teaching the world  how to dougie (“back it up, and dump it!”).

Love, R.

This was it. It ain't that bad, now, is it?! But I get it, the teachers would so not approve of it and accuse me of lying (obviously. It's not like they haven't done that before). It's just soo sad that some people (before y'all start cryin' and hatin', I ain't talking about my class mates. I agreed with the decision, DUH. I'm talkin' to society who makes us make decisions like these) take things out of proportion. Like, come on, I ain't throwin' shades at nobody. These people is DEAD. This ish went down decades ago. We past that. But if you want to constantly educate me about the horrors of WW2, then I TAKE the right to write this piece. If y'all won't deal with the history of my people in class, I shall do it on my own to nourish myself with the knowledge neccessary to evolve and become the educated young man my parents and environment raised me to be. THANK YOU! 

You were saying?? 

And they didn't even let me sign it off properly with my signature 'Love, R.' This school, these teachers and now even the students is makin' it hard for me to express myself. But as one tiny little Jordans-wearing B-Boy from last season's SYTYCD said; "I won't back down!"

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