Last Friday Night...: I went to church again!

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So I found myself in church on a friday night again for yet another fashion event; THE DUTCH FASHION AWARDS baby!! (I really wanted to open with a different picture, cuz lord knows I don't look that amazing here, but you know, I couldn't find something I really felt, so I just went with this)Yessir, yours truly was there... as the help (#fail). I've been sooo freaking busy (seriously, school is CRA-ZY), so I am not up-to-date (the DFAs took place like two weeks ago), but I still have a lot to share with you, so starting tonight I'm gonna hit you up with something new errday. ERRRDAY! But now let's get back to bizznizz #Leggoo

SHABAM! Uh-huh, another picture of me. I kinda wanted to do this whole breakin' it down-type thing, but I'm off that. Maybe someday. Right now I'm just gonna tell you what it was like. So we get there (Juliette, Yoeri and the Divo) and I felt kinda awkward, cuz the setting was different from last year so we found ourselves backstage where the models were gettin' they hair did and ish.. and YOU KNOW how I do, with my all-black-errthing shades, so-bright-they-make-u-go-blind-neon pink Nike Air Force 1 Hyperfuse kicks and fresher-than-a-mawfacker-attitude. I was just standing there like I BELONGED (secretly dying on the inside and not knowing where to go). Yoeri, to whom the concept of fadin' to the background is not familiar (When I said that I was just standing there, I really meant that me and Juliette were kind of hoping no one would notice our awkward-situation), jumped to the opportunity and got out his camera and started takin' pictures.

Obviously we were there to work, otherwise there was no way we would have been there (lord knows). I was assigned to make the Goody Bags, which is a harder task than it seems at first. At first we had to make 300. Then 400. Half an hour later 500. In the end they came telling us that they need 675 bags. We were like "Excuse you ?!". It's not like we could make magic happen. In case you didn't know, Goody Bags are filled with promotional goods from companies trying to suck up to A-listers. BUT THESE COMPANIES ARE CHEAP! They don't send enough stuff. There was:
  • this sparkling water from Peroni in a bottled designed by Bvulgari
  • red Mercedes Benz nail polish (I foolishly assumed it was lipstick cuz it had that shape -_-'.. I know more about fashion, hair and make-up then your "boyz in tha hood," but I swear some of these things are just confusing to men. I don't think I'll ever fully understand. Guess that's a good thing hhahahaha)
  • a hair product from Sebastian (there were 2, but you only got one out of the two)
  • a book/magazine about the DFA 2011
  • a notebook and set of postcards from.. (*runs to goody bag to check*) New Babylon
  • a free tourist city guide of The Hague (how cheap, like Joe average can get it at the city hall or sum'...)
And the first row got something extra. You know them SENZ umbrellas that will stand wind speed of 80 km/h? Yep, those. Just so you know, yo better sit front row or else just stay at home (I do first-class only!) #justsayin'. The notebooks were first to run out. Then the postcards. Next was the water. Yeah, some people got half a goody bag. Due to legal reasons I shall not disclose which bag I got, but you already knowz I AM DIVO, can NOT walk out with a third-row bag.. You do the math!

Luckily Juliette and I didn't have to make all the bags ourselves. There was a big group of volunteers there and all of us had to make the whole thing a succes. Without us; no wardrobe, no people to welcome the guests, no people to help the fashionistas find their seats and, actually, no seats at all, cuz the ones who didn't make the bags had to put all the seats allongside the runway. Due to the fact that on the shot with the entire group I somehow (in a rare moment of humbleness) found myself in the background (I didn't wanna be mean and move to the front, obviously), I chose to not post that one but use this one, on which I look like a killer (I blame it on the bad lighting).

Of course you want THE JUIIIIICCCCCEEE! Well, I don't wanna be a gossip, so I'll keep it vague:
  • Which Dutch fashion professional made a big deal to make sure that he got his first row goody bag WITH umbrella? (it's a man)
  • And "I hear" the umbrellas were taken out of the bags, so in the end this man was the only one who got the umbrella in his goody bag (or wasn't he?). So whatever happened to the rest of 'em?
  • I know these were the DUTCH fashion awards, but "patatje met en bitterballen", seriously? Y'all couldn't get some shrimp cocktails, haute cuisine snacks or sum'? DAMN! That's just so un-glamorous! And you have no idea how eager the people were to get them. I'm talkin' designers, models, photographers.. Like I said, I shall not name no names
  • Word on the street is that there wasn't enough space on the front row for all front row-invites. But did I really see Fiona Hering on the worst seat EVER? (Damn, I was the help and even My last-row seat had a better view) I'm talking that very first seat at the beginning of the runway. THE FIRST ONE. How awkward? Let's hope I was wrong
  • Really? You're going to a freakin' awards show and you bring your suit case? You weren't even showing or nominated this year, son! SMH
Even though I am very critical, I don't want to be known as the guy who always trash talks errthing. So I won't comment on the things I did not like (uhum.. the winner.. uhum). I'll focus on the good things.

I must say that the show itself is incredible. They really do a great job. The lighting and the runway are so international without trying too hard.

And I give all the credit in the world to the models, who have to remember those intriquite choreographies for each show. May I just say that the right music can make or break your show. The finale from one of the designers was just BEYOND! What it was? Just an army of young women walking on a runway at once on a hot beat. They most def were turnin' me on. And I also loved the speech from Maarten Spruyt, who won Male Icon Aaward. He asked the people to wear more colour, cuz all this black was depressing. FINALLY, someone in fashion who thinks just like me. I swear, sometimes, especially at school, its as if I'm the only one who loves bright colours. Let's bring back some colour you guys!!

So this was the woman who was both Ms. and Mr. Jay at the same time. She did the choreography before the show and during the show she was backstage, directing the fashion shows. The reason why I am a fan (besides the amazing shows.. although I must say that the routine from the guys was  very Armani) should be obvious (hint: She just did it).

Net 5's Next Hair Guru, anyone? Spot the hair dresser! Yes, it is Maikel. The whole time I was trying to figure out if he was a model or a hair dresser, and now I finally know. I just don't get why hair dressers themselves always take it to such extremes. Either their hair is done to perfection, or they don't even bother to touch it. Think about it, there's no in between with these people.

And last but not least I want to dedicate this moment to my personal favourite of the night. This man.. Pfooeee, I am so happy Hyun Yeu from Ados Les Scents won the Dutch Incubator Award a.k.a. his collection will be sold at Bijenkorf next spring. Maybe I will have the chance to rock some of his amazing pieces.

THAT FUR!! O-M-G. That FURRRR! Shoot me, why don't you, cuz without it my life is incomplete. I'm not saying kill innocent little animals for it, but come one, that shit is soooo ill! I need ZARA to knock that ish off, so I can get my hands on it. That ish crazy. and that Red Coat too.. This is why I love this industry. Fashion, in your name I pray. AMEN.

Love, R.

P.S.: What they broadcasted on TV last week miss-represented the whole event. It didn't do it any justice. They might as well not have.

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  1. I think you look fine in the first pic R. Love your writing style, you always crack me up bro. xD