Is it a rapper, is it a pop singer......WHO DATT?!

Just when you think you have me all figured out, I'll do something to surprise you. Kinda like now. You know how I love posting about my girl B and my homeboy Yeezy (I can't help it, they are the best of the best and I happen to be preachin' excellence. "How do YOU do?" *Resputia voice*), but this is something completely different. This post is about an ridiculously talented singer.

Image courtesy of kumz.dk

So last week the most incredible friend in the world took me to the Mads Langer concert (I make sure to surround myself with people who will introduce me to music outside of the Billboard hot 100). I didn't really know him, but that never stops me (I youtube'd him, heard this record right here and decided that I wanted to go).

Amazing, right?! (I know!) At the concert he shared the story of how he wrote this song. He was actually intruiged by the fact that elevators are kind of awkward, since they're so quite and no really wants to say anything. He was in this hotel in some place and he decided to get in the elevator and not come out until he finished writing a song (gotta love how poetic singer-songwriters can get. Next time you think I'm being awkward, just look at it from a poetic bohiam weltschmerz-suffering point of view and you'll understand).

Image courtesy of Mads Langer

But we all know anyone can have a video and sound like Mariah on screen. Only a few have the REAL talent to back that ish up. This dude right here; he's got it! He has that X-factor, that je-ne-sais-quo, that charm, whatchumacallit; he is a TRUE artist. I could not believe some of the notes he hit, the length he could hold them and the ease with wich he does it all. Unbelieveable. So amazing. So inspiring. It's people like him that make me want to just shut the fuck up and never sing a nother note again.

The concert took place in the legendary Paradiso and it was really intimate. I've never really been to a show like that (that's cuz I normally go to these huge international tour concerts or special shows in the theatre), but I must say that it was pretty dope. It's one thing when Chris Brown stands on stage and "talks to the audience" (aka the hundreds of girls who were there.. Me and the 2 other guys there just thought it was not really neccessary #justsayin'), but it's another to have the artist really connect with the fans and just be himself. He was sharing all these awkard things with us, till he realised that he was rambling. Was kinda funny. To us anyways.

So now you know, I listen to all types of music (I'm a huge Plain White T's fan. Random, I know, but just to give you an example). And still can't nobody beat the queen B and the Louis Vuitton Don.

Love, R.

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