Is it a girl, is it a boy......WHO DATT?!

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It's the one, the only, the cocky, the incredible, the amazing, the fashion forward KANYE WEST! Him and Jigga just started their Watch The Throne-tour and this is (on of) his get-ups.

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(*Andre Leon Talley voice*:) "This is fashion with a capitol F, honey!".. Okay, maybe the honey is really pushing it, since this post is already about a man wearing a skirt, but it's the right expression. I know the entire world is going like WTF, but look at him, seriously, it makes sense. I wouldn't (I mean I could, cuz #Igotitlikethat. I could rock trash and still be fly as hell #Iamdivo), but he is killin' it if you ask me. He don't care what y'all common stereotypical-minded trend-following folks think about it. He is ahead of y'all. Can't tell him no'in'!! 

To those brave enough to have an open mind and wonder who or what; it was designed by Ricardo Tisci who "does" Givenchy. I could take you through all the references to the album artwork as well as the Givenchy collection, but you don't wanna know and I am too lazy to google it anyways. If you're dying to know, I'm sure you'll find out somehow. On his feet he is rockin' the Air Yeezy 2's in what appeared to be a new colour that is not yet available to us regular people. I don't blame him. Hell, once I make it you best believe I'mma have me some custom made exclusive shoes as well #justsayin'.
I think it's amazin'. Like, I love menswear, but in general it's such a snooze. All everyone talks about and wants to sell or wear are suits, suits and more suits. No can't do baby, the D-I-V-O needzzz to stand out. I needzzz to shine, ya digg? So I am happy that some designers and men are brave enough to show us other ways of dressing. All hail the fearless!

Love, R.

P.S.: Just out of curiosity, whatchallthink?

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  1. Preach it Kanye! To be honest, I think only Jacobs and West can work those skirties :) I must admit tho, Ch´som looks hot in them too!