HOT NEW JOINT by Frank Ocean

A lot of people think that guys and girls can't be friends. Well, I disagree. In contrary. They can. BUT.... Please look at them closely. If there's some flirtin' goin' on and they both kinda hot(-ish), one of them is trynna get to second base. Or third, fourth. (lord knows, me and Nike-girl are most def in this last category. She knowzz it too). And to all the people who don't get why the guy doesn't just make a move; here's the song which explains it all..

Yep, Girlfriend's Best Friend, Frank Ocean said it! It works. Trust me (hahahahahah). Just make sure that you actually want to be in a relationship with each other, cuz you know.. It sucks when one is trynna move on and the other one's planning a wedding #losing

Love, R.

P.S.: Which one of your opposite sexe friends do you wanna get with?

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