COVER WARS: Ebony and Ebony

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I usually have a lot of negative things to say about Nicki, but she is representing. November covers are dominated by black beauty.

BAM! Not just one, but two covers. two covers. Nicki be workin' the fashion scene, and you know what, for once, she don't look crazy. She hot! That's all I can say, she looks hot. Even though the W cover is very Haute Livin', I could actually take the girl on Cosmo home to my mama. So, miss Minaj, when we goin' out??

Over in the UK they are representin' as well, with the always sensual Kelly Rowland on they cover. I can not get over how sexy this woman is and her damn videos.. ughh, this should be illegal.

You know B couldn't stay behind. My wifey is once again gracing the cover of Harper's Bazaar, this time the American one. I mean, it's hot an all, and I can't say anything about the article yet, since I have yet to obtain a copy (in case you didn't know, every Beyoncé interview is basically the same. She always says the same thing, that's why I prefer looking at her than reading about her), but where the baby-bump at? Like, I get that the pictures were taken pre-VMA's, but damn, y'all couldn't quickly arrange new photos? #justsayin'

And when fashion is involved there's only one pop singstress that comes to mind; Rihanna. She is keepin' the game on lock in British Vogue. I'm looking at the cover and I just feel like they are channeling some older picture I (luckily for them) do not know. Maybe it's just the fact that it was shot by Mario Testino. I've seen amazin' shots from him, but IMO everytime he gets involved with Vogue he fucks up (September issue everyone? Not just the documentary, last years edition as well!). And I guess a pregnant quadripple threat served as the inspiration for some of the pictures (I love how they always change just enough to make you doubt wether or not they are jackin' other people off). Look at the backside of a certain fourth album from someone and you'll see what I mean..

Images courtesy of Gotceleb, Cosmopolitan, Celebutopia.net, Roc Nation

Love, R.

P.S.: Which one do you like best? I guess my personal favourite is kind of obvious hahaha

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