HOT NEW JOINT by Frank Ocean

A lot of people think that guys and girls can't be friends. Well, I disagree. In contrary. They can. BUT.... Please look at them closely. If there's some flirtin' goin' on and they both kinda hot(-ish), one of them is trynna get to second base. Or third, fourth. (lord knows, me and Nike-girl are most def in this last category. She knowzz it too). And to all the people who don't get why the guy doesn't just make a move; here's the song which explains it all..


TRUTH-B-TOLD: I was born to replace Anna Wintour

So not only am I an online published journalist/writer/editor, but I'm also being written about. But before you get to reading what it is that they actually interviewed me on, I would like to point out that I was speaking on behalf of the entire team of 15 editorial talents from the second year branding course @AMFI. Yes, we made a magazine. And guess who was the Editor-in-Chief. Uh-huh, yours truly (It's not like it was my personal vision or anything, I mean the credit goes to all 15 of us, cuz we really created it together, but I was like "responsible" and the go-to person for the teachers and I had to oversee the whole thing. But when the people you work with are amazing, there's not a lot you have to do #justsayin').



Just because sometimes I do waaaaay too much and have to remember that I AM capable, I AM doin' fine and most of all I AM DIVO!

Love, R.


TRUTH-B-TOLD (2/2): The ending the way I first wrote it

So here it is, the ending as it should have been. Oh and I'd like to say upfront that I'm not just makin' random accusations. If you don't believe me, DO YO RESEARCH!! (Or just watch Cadillac Records and Dreamgirls lol) #Leggoo

TRUTH-B-TOLD: Skinny jeans don't discriminate

I don't know if you recall, but about four weeks ago I told you about this jeans book we were making with the class (in case you are wondering; a jeans book is a book in which we present the research we did on "all" these jeans brands). Well actually half the class, because they split us up in 2 and each group had to make their own book. Our concept and errthing was amazing, but workin' in groups is always stress full (especially if you're workin' your ass off while seeing pictures pop up on FB from others who are out partying. Seriously, at least have the decency to not post ish on FB #justsayin'). Somehow I kinda had fun though. In the end I started stalkin' people and demanding ish, cuz otherwise you don't get no'in done. Anyways, this right here is the "masterpiece" I wrote for it in addition to the analysisses I did on J Brand, Replay and William Rast (of course I was the one who came up with the one jeans brand that was founded by a celeb, my man JT). The ending was different, but everyone thought it'd be better if I left that part out (how typical hahahah... I can not even get into this). So this is the politically correct version (and for everyone open minded enough to not take offense in race issues, you can read the original ending in the next post ;)).


Is it a rapper, is it a pop singer......WHO DATT?!

Just when you think you have me all figured out, I'll do something to surprise you. Kinda like now. You know how I love posting about my girl B and my homeboy Yeezy (I can't help it, they are the best of the best and I happen to be preachin' excellence. "How do YOU do?" *Resputia voice*), but this is something completely different. This post is about an ridiculously talented singer.

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Last Friday Night...: I went to church again!

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So I found myself in church on a friday night again for yet another fashion event; THE DUTCH FASHION AWARDS baby!! (I really wanted to open with a different picture, cuz lord knows I don't look that amazing here, but you know, I couldn't find something I really felt, so I just went with this)Yessir, yours truly was there... as the help (#fail). I've been sooo freaking busy (seriously, school is CRA-ZY), so I am not up-to-date (the DFAs took place like two weeks ago), but I still have a lot to share with you, so starting tonight I'm gonna hit you up with something new errday. ERRRDAY! But now let's get back to bizznizz #Leggoo


me 'n M.E.: I should be a model

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Sometimes I look at pictures of myself, and I wonder why I haven't been signed yet to NEXT, Elite or Wilhelmina Models or Premier.. This was @the Dutch Fashion Awards (post on that will follow tomorrow), where, to be honest, I could've replaced any one of those guys. Or that one black guy. No biggie. But they were not ALL THAT and a bag of chips! #justsayin'

Love, R.


COVER WARS: Ebony and Ebony

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I usually have a lot of negative things to say about Nicki, but she is representing. November covers are dominated by black beauty.


WORD?!: All about the Carters

In music a lot of people are connected to one another. I thought it'd be funny to dedicate this session of WORD?! to my favourite celebrity clan. #Leggoo
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  1. I hear that papa Knowles is doin' a making-the-band-esque show premiering on MTV next week. What's the dealio with that? Did Diddy decline or sum'? (I'm not sure how much Matthew can do for people whose names are not Beyoncé #realtalk) I've been dying for a new season though, preferably one which reunites Danity Kane and Day26 once again, but I would've settled for a completely new band too.
  2. Speaking of bands, whaddup with the DC-girls, they are falling off hard. I don't even get this whole drama Kelly's involved in over on the X-Factor U.K., but why is she releasing so many videos after each other? PROMOTE one till we can't hear it anymore for the love of God and then move on to the next (has Rihanna taught y'all nothin'??)
  3. And why the hell is B doin' the exact same thing, like WTF? Besides the fact that I don't get that video for Countdown, how is she poppin' out all these other videos like her life is depending on it? I don't even wanna mention how she is too late with releasing that Love On Top video, which by the way was only released for Australia or sum'. She should've dropped that ish right after the VMA's, everyone was all excited and stuff about her performance and pregnancy. LOVE woulda been ON TOP of the charts for weeks.