TRUTH-B-TOLD: We found FASHION in a hopeless place

I bet you thought this was just a pretty video?

First off let me just say that  once again the camp of Rihanna has delivered a great piece of work. I mean this video is just touching.. After seeing this, the song gets a deeper dimension. You probably don't even feel like going to the club and just bangin' out to it anymore (don't get me wrong, if it comes on you'll still do the wiggle dance to it cuz the beat is tight), just cuz you can't get over the story that now goes with it. And that is the beautiful power of music videos (can some of y'all R&B and Rap stars please take notes) ladies and gentleman. Most people can relate to the story of a dangerous love that is so strong that in the moment you were living it you couldn't imagine ever losing it, while knowing that it's no good for you. That is exactly what this song is about in a way... the point where enough is enough and you finally chose for yourself (so sentimental, right? I know y'all girls love this shit hahahaha y'all eat this up like it's the best piece of chocolate you'll ever put your lips on).

Image courtesy of Keenan Evans
However, knowing Rhi Rhi (or should I say the image they have created for her) you best believe that this video is nothing short of being a motion picture editorial spread of the highest fashionable level. Finally, my non-fashion-studying friends, the stuff they teach me in class has come to good use. I am going to educate you a little about fashion in the '90s, which was all about Grunge. In this decade a female photographer, who went by the name of Corinne Day, redefined what fashion was by taking these pictures of Kate Moss, which appeared in Vogue US. The pictures themselves weren't so shocking, but the fact that they were published in Vogue, which was always about refinement and class and glamour and such. Corinne didn't agree with this aesthetic and took it upon herself to take pictures which captures a models true spirit. Shots that were nothing more than a still out of reality. In that sense I guess this was the perfect inspiration for this video, since it's about portraying reality (uh-huh, I see you noddin' at the whole breezy-situation.. y'all couldn't have taken someone that doesn't look like Chris so clearly? Damn!)

There's more though. As you can tell the fashion is not completely in synch with the reality look from Day. The styling basically pays homage to grunge, which was the look of those years. Marc Jacobs started the whole thing with his Perry Ellis collection, which at the time was not received well, and the incredible Steven Klein did an editorial spread in  Vogue US December 1992 called 'Smells like Teen Spirit' built around it. In case you didn't know, when something appears in Vogue, basically it's hot and you should love it. That's the sad reality of our "amazing" fashion industry. 

Image courtesy of Fashiongrunge.com
The thing about fashion is that there are just a few themes to use and every so many years these themes get reworked in a modern way and suddenly something is in fashion again. That's what they did in this video. The looks are very now, while still staying true to the essence of grunge. Look at Rihanna and look at the models. How refined and polished are her clothes? Exactly! I think Corinne Day turns around in her grave everytime that video gets played. I just wonder what will happen to Rihanna when her team runs out of fashion photographers to be "inspired" by.. Y'all heard about those lawsuits she had against her for S&M, right?! Not just one, but two photographers, David LaChapelle and Philip Paulus, claimed she used their work without their permission.. I guess she was just being bad (na-na-na-na-na).

Love, R.

P.S.: I wasn't paying that much attention in class, so I might be wrong about one or two things.. But look at that Kate Moss picture and tell me the video isn't depicting that exact image. Come on!

And yes, that is Naomi.

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