TRUTH-B-TOLD: Everyone gets "inspired"

So the theme for this week is "inspired", as you might have figured out already, and it's really ironic that all of these "inspired" issues are coming up this week. Personally I don't think that these are things you should joke about. Last year a couple of teachers had THE NERVE to accuse me of committing plagiarism. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDIN' ME?? Hello, if there's one thing I love to do it is writing. I would never use someone else's work and put my own name on it, man get the f* outta here!

The issue was that I didn't not write my source list in Harvard Style. That ain't my fault. I had never even heard of that, my bad. It was your job as my teacher to tell me that I was expected to do so. Like I should not use certain words or sentences, just because in your eyes I would not be capable of coming up with it myself. How insulting?! I didn't really care about that part though, cuz I know that I didn't. Like the book I was referencing from was in the source list. No, what lit my fire was the fact that they gave this whole speech that someone copied and pasted from Wikipedia. She just went on and on about how they would notify the exam comittee and this person would get kicked out of school et cetera, et cetera and then they started giving back all the work and I didn't get mine. Then the other teacher came over and told me that they were talkin' about me. I was shocked. Like, she had no right to make those accusations. I am still waiting for them to show me that page from Wikipedia that I allegedly copied from. Anyways, I got my ish back, I rewrote the whole thing, did the source list accordingly and since that day I really stress about sources (hence why I always put the image sources on here).

Image courtesy of Beyoncé

But that is not what I wanted to talk about (that must have been the longest intro eeee-ver). I want to talk about the one and only Beyoncé. It's like there's a team of no-lifes just waiting to break down her videos as soon as they drop, to show how she's always "inspired" and never original. If we're gonna talk about copying, we should mention a couple of other things AND PEOPLE as well. #letskeepitrealnow

A couple of days ago B dropped her video for Countdown. I've seen it once, and I probably won't ever watch it again out of free will. I just don't get it. I finally got used to the song and realize its genius, but now she throws this video on it and she lost me. But that's besides the point. The big deal that is being made is that she is doing a choreography in the video, which was originally done by some Belgian choreographer (which, let's be honest, you've never heard of and you probably wouldn't have if it wasn't for this matter).

EVERYONE is going bananas over this. It even made this Dutch showbizz TV-show, RTL Boulevard, and they said that the Belgian choreographer (I've heard her name a million times already, but I still can't remember it and neither will you so just google it) should sue (let me not even talk about the ignorant people hosting that show. They know nothing about the industry anyways) Seriously guys?! Clearly she was payin' tribute to it. How stupid is it to copy someone and do it EXACTLY the same. Use your head! She also nods at Fame, Funny Girl, Audrey Hepburn and Warhol among others, so what's the big deal?? Beyoncé even issued a statement about it, to address all the rumours that she was "inspired" by it. I get it, but she shouldn't have IMO. The problem allegedly is that she didn't say it upfront. These people act like she did an interview about this video and consciously didn't mention the original work. Which artist you know tells you what they're video is going to be about and what it was based on or who they are trying to pay homage to BEFORE the video was released? (and don't say GaGa, cuz that's on a whole other level). This was not on MTV's Making The Video (I sure do miss that show btw. There are still some videos I would like explained. like how did they do that?)

If we're gonna play the blame game, how about we talk about the ones who were "inspired" by Beyoncé. I have been holdin' this one in for so long, but it's time to let it all out. I'm really sorry.

Tell me that you don't see the Baby Boy-vibe or the Diva-scenario. Okay, okay, that's just the fan in me talkin' hahahaha. But what about the very beginning? How familiar does that look? (Ring The Alarm, anyone?) And at the 1.38 mark, that is EXACTLY the same setting, look and "choreography" of Upgrade U. And I'm not even talkin' about the parts where she is jackin' off herself back in them PCD days. But Nicole I could go on and on and on about (that video with Fiddy had some really strong similarities to Jai-Ho and Happiness #justsayin').

It's just stupid. I mean, in the end Beyoncé was not the first one to do those scenes either. It's just the first one I saw, so naturally to me that's who she is swagger jackin'. That's how it works for everyone. But our generation just likes to criticize any- and everything. We need to start livin' our own lives and stop paying so much attention to others. These musicians.. I mean, come on. There's only so much that you can do. You'll reach a point where every setting, concept, colour, mood or whatever has been done already in some way, shape or form (yes I just said the same thing three times. like i said, let me be!)

Image courtesy of Beyonceonline
HOWEVER, in all honesty I have to say that my girl B has been slackin' a little lately. I get that she is still trying to get the most out of her career as much as possible with the pregnancy and all, but she needs Papa Knowles back ASAP. She can not manage herself and be the star and do the production and errthing all at the same time. (I still have to get over the rushed I Am...World TourRotterdam was one of the first dates and I remember her hair piece falling off, the on-stage dress change which we were not supposed to see, but still did cuz the lights were on. The amount of time we had to wait between some song and Smash Into You. Like, what were they doin' back there??) And next time she tours it better be something original and completely new. If she repeats that I Am Yours-concept one more time, I will jump off a bridge. Like come on, it was on tv on Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve. That's not cool. I love the whole intimate feel of it, but stop telling your story which by now THE ENTIRE WORLD knows and retire that MJ-song already!!

Who am I kiddin'?! The reason why I love her is because she SAAAANGS and gives me errthing on stage, and regardless of the show she never fails to impress. But still though, I'm not that blinded. I need to be able to argue why she is so amazing, and her repeating her shows over and over again is not helping. So don't do that anymore B, you hear me?

Love, R.

P.S.: The first time I saw the pictures of her "4 Intimate Nights With Beyoncé"-mini tour I could not get over that outfit. Like what the hell was she thinking?! I was like, that little piece of fabric did not have to be stuck to the top. Of course now after she announced the pregnancy it all makes sense. She was hidin' her baby bump. It was so obvious and we never even knew...

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