M.O.S.: I wanna do some laying!

Can we just take a moment to RECOGNISE. Just Recognise y'all...

This woman is soooo freakin' HOT. Like, I can not explain to you with all this beautiful blackness does to a man. Uughh, it's just not fair. Anyways, I just saw her new video and I think everyone should see it. I'm sure both men and women will enjoy it.

PHieeuuuww... I needed a second to catch my breath again after seeing that. DAMNNNN ma'. Did y'all see that? OH MY GOD! No, but like, she is sooo crazy beautiful. The colour of her complexion is just the sexiest thing EVER. And what she does with her body... I am just mad that again she has so many male extras in the video and she didn't holla @me. I sooo choose the wrong career. I shoulda been a dancer. I mean sista was grindin' those guys as if she was sick and they were the medicine. And I can not even talk about that area where she placed their heads... Hold on, I need to get myself together.

*Second Moment of Silence*

Okay. The song (yes, I will discuss the video, I'm not some crazy horny obsessive maniac). This is definitely one of my favourite cuts on Here I Am. The beat is hot, her voice of course gives me EVERYTHING and Big Sean just brings that fresh flyness to it (I wanted to use that other word, but like I said, I'm trying not to these days. It's really hard though hahahaha). This song used to make me wanna dance. After seeing this video.. (I can't even write that in words). Just give me another moment..

*Third Moment of Silence*

Okay I'm back now. So the styling is beyond of course (it's so hard to make someone look fashionable and sophisticated sexy when there's barely any clothes to work with). Homegirl can do no wrong in a bikini/swim suit, she always shuts it down. The off-white one is kinda reminiscent of something she wore back in the Destiny Fulfilled-era, but like upgraded (after all this is the week that everyone is "inspired"). There is just one side note. That silver background from the opening seen looks tacky and below her level. That's it. The rest of the settings and cinematography looks stunning.

Kelly girl, you motivate me over and over again, and I just wanna tell you that I am definitely inspired by this. I'mma lay it on ya girl.

Love, R.

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  1. the song really makes me think of Right There, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkdkX6_3iGI&ob=av2e. Love when you get all worked up about ur woman R. xD