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So y'all know how I always sign my shit off with 'Love, R.', right? WELL, remember this book I told you we were making with the whole class? I wrote an article for it and I of course used my signature at the bottom, but they removed it. I understand (even though a part of my Ego doesn't completely agree), but it's all good. HOWEVER, these girls were like mocking me in a funny way by ending their FB-posts with my signature and replace the R with their own initial. They cracked me up. But then they accused me of copying Gossip Girl. Excuse you?? I know, crazy right! Like of all things, I would copy Gossip Girl?! (I guess the "inspired"-theme is still going strong hahaha) Anyways, so my Ego was a little crushed, until someone finally clarified that Gossip Girl doesn't say that, but that the characters in it always use their initial as well. I had to check the cast list and to my great disappointment I found out that one of the character's name starts with an R as well; Rufus.. Ughh...

But I think ERRRRRBODY KNOOOOOWZZZZZZ that when you see Love, R., that's me, Ryfa, The original D-I-V-O (I AM), so I ain't worried no mo'! Maybe they should get me a guest appearance on that show. Just cuz I'm ME (Duh!). But in the mean time I hear my man John Legend is gonna star for a couple of episodes in it. I'm sure he'll do an awesome job.


*Moment of Silence*

hahahhahaha, that doesn't even sound right, 4 real! Goodnight y'all!

Love, R.

And what is up with Gossip Girl having crappy ass pictures available?? Like I was looking for an image to ad to this post and i could not find any, for the love of God. Even the fan sites. I mean, The O.C. and Prison Break always had plenty of pictures and promo material (available on the official website) for everyone to use... #losing

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