Last Friday Night...: I went to church

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So, believe it or not, but even in the breaks from school I find myself busy as hell. Don't ask me what I'm doing though, seriously I couldn't tell you. But last Friday night, I went to church.

As you can tell from the picture, I wasn't there to be close to God (I know, it's really bad, I hate how I'm making this sound so shallow, but I am religious though), in stead I was there for fashion. The Posthoornkerk in Amsterdam gave home to the exciting pop-up outlet store-concept shopUP for the weekend. ShopUP is making outlet shopping fashionable and I have to say; it is DIVINE, for real. This is not the regular outlet, they have fashion with a capitol F (yes, I just quoted The City). I bought some pieces from Pepe Jeans' Andy Warhol Collection, #justsayin'.

Besides having clothes that you actually want and not just left over pieces from the D-lines, the setting and location are really important to the organisation. I actually had the chance to meet one of the founders (she happened to have studied the exact same thing I'm "devoting my life to" right now. Crazy right, it's a small world) who told me all about it. They were tired of outlets being in this shady places you barely dare to go to and stuff, so they always try to find exciting new places to host their shop for a weekend. I was a little disappointed to find out that they travel the country with this concept and that they were in Rotterdam, my hometown (sort of), last month and I didn't even know. Like couldn't anyone hook me up? Damn!

The reason I went there on Friday was because I actually won myself two VIP tickets through FB (go figure, those ads you always get are actually for real). So I took a friend with me and I was kinda embarrassed that he was taking pictures the whole time... Lookin' back, I'm kinda happy he did (total hypocrite.. #blamemyEGO). Still though, I'm such a dork when it comes to these VIP-lists and stuff. I was scarred the whole thing was a prank and that we'd be rejected at the door. How embarrassing would that be hahaha. Even in June though, when I was an editor for the Arnhem Mode Biennale, I was acting like such an out-of-place nobody. I was on the guest list for everything of course (even had a press card and errthing), but I stood in line IN THE RAIN for at least half an hour, till I noticed that there was a special entrance for VIPs.. #fail
Prosecco was flowing, the service was amazing (and beautiful, might I ad); this is what shopping should always be like (although not always in a church, cuz even though it was spectacular and it looked amazing, I'd feel like confessing after shopping right there in God's home. Like he knows I should be spending my money otherwise! But the Dutch fashion industry loves churches though. HNTM did their Iceland judging in a church (beyond awkward and inappropriate btw), this Dutch couturier just had an exhibition in church and next week the Dutch Fashion Awards, as usual, will be held in a church as well... What's up with that?)

Love, R.

P.S.: Of course you understand that me doing this spontaneous shopping means that the orange trench coat is out of the picture. I'm off that already. When I see something, if I don't get it really fast, I lose interest. Hence why... hahahaha naaah, I'm not even gonna finish that one!

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