HOT NEW JOINT by Bruno Mars

I was just sitting here, minding my own bizz, tryna come up with some creative introductions for this book that we're making with a group of people at school (After the hand-in I'll post some ish I did for it here for you to see. I can't do it now, cuz I might "inspire" the competition hahaha), when all of sudden a new song by my man Bruno comes on. I didn't even know we were already in the next chapter of his career. I feel like I'm totally behind with errthing. I can't wait for this book to be done so I can finally relax a little. Just a little. Anyways, keep on reading to get my 2 cents on it. You know that's the reason why you came here in the first place ;)

I didn't know the title yet, but now that I do I'm not so glad with it because it undermines my creative writing and well thought out review of the song. But it's It Will Rain.

The first thing that came to my mind was when did Bruno remix an Adele-song? Listen to the chorus. Don't you think it sounds just like Chasing Pavements? And while we're on the subject of comparisons anyways, am I crazy or do I hear a bit of his own Talkin' To The Moon in there as well? Hhmmmm... This song just seem very "inspired"(that's the word of the week, in case you hadn't noticed)

Nonethelesssss, I still think it's a great song. Yes, I really do. You know why? I just love a dramatic song that makes you wanna cry. Before you jump to conclusions and picture me crying myself to sleep every night, let me explain. Some songs are just so filled with emotion and passion and poring-my-heart-out-feelings, that they do something to you. Like I literally feel like it's raining outside (do you now get why I was disappointed by the title). And it's like he's singin' errthing that you're afraid to say out loud, because that would mean that you have to admit to those feelings you so proudly tucked away

The only bad thing is that the singin' doesn't take me to the next level. I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs, but there's no real opportunity for that in the song. Right when Bruno builds up suspense, he abruptly goes back down a few notes and just leaves me hangin'. Bruno, how you gonn' play me like that son? Come on man, you know us R&B-singers we sure do love them ad lips and falsetto screams. I'm just sayin'. Please let this not be an indication of your upcoming album. Thnx man!

Love, R.

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