Fall Fashion Lyrical: FASHION WEEK WORLD

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So for the past couple of weeks fashion junkies all around the world have been enjoying the overdose of all things fashion coming from the different Fashion Weeks. Due to all the schoolwork I've been drowning in lately, I missed out on a lot. But of course, some things still caught my eye and as I you know I love to share. As my friends always say "sharing is caring Ryfa" (Holla @thenewandsexiernanda). So here it goes..

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Omarion (say omari-HAN without pronouncing the H). My man! I think most people will feel me when I say that I kinda forgot about this dude, but MAN o man is he comin' back HARD with this look right here. Excuse you?? This right here is fresh. I'll go 'head and call this look 'the Urban Sapeur' (you know what a Sapeur is, right?). This so dope. Like, that orange trench coat.. OH MY GOD. I Gotsta have. Lemme just tell you that I went BANANAS when I found out that I actually can. Like I saw this coat in the stores and online already. Yes, my boy is rockin' ZARA. Can you believe it? Here I was thinkin' that this is just another one of them Burberry Prorsum coats I will forever fantasize about, when all this time I could just go to the mall and buy it. And you know I will. Remember them Nikes? I'm just sayin'.. They better not sell out before a brotha gets some cash though ahahahah. No, but the print and fit of his shirt,those Timbaland's underneath (I have been wanting a pair for a while now. Retro is hot!), it all works. I will need to teach him a thing or two about fit though. It's like Jiggaman said; "oversized clothes and chains, we off that." But I just want y'all to recognize the style that the black man is bringin' to Fashion Week. Can someone say Kanye West, Pharrel or Chris Brown? Nuff said!

M.O.S.: To look or not to look pregnant

At the beginning of this year I was in aaaww of Natalie Portman making being pregnant look so amazin'. She was stealing all the shine on the red carpet, which just goes to show that being skinny ain't all that! But my girl Beyoncé is just shuttin' it down! She is not having it. I mean look at her. Does this woman look pregnant? I cannot believe this is the woman who showed us a "fat belly" on stage at the VMA's.

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Look at her strollin' around during Fashion Week New York. B, where that belly @?

TRUTH-B-TOLD: No one man should have this power

Kanye West: producer, rapper, singer, director, fashion icon and now fashion designer. Hello! Of course the fashion critics were not gonna praise his collection. That's what they do (#haters). But who cares?! He got all these designers from Jeremy Scott to (my favourites) Dean & Dan Caten (even tough lately they are loosing me by being way too "extra", if you know what I'm sayin') and even A-list stars like Ciara, Li-Lo (Lindsay Lohan for all you non-Enews watching patients) and the Olsen Twins. But most importantly Anna Wintour was there. He should get an applaus for that alone!

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I think these girls look HAWT! The cut on those dresses is really fresh and modern. Like, I don't remember seeing anything quit like it. Look at the way that white dress falls. So fly. And that shimmery track suit was just made to be rocked in a music video. Somebody call Jenny, we found her an outfit! The girls of course all look beautiful. My future-girlfriend-for-day-till-she-breaks-my-heart Chanel Iman.. 

*moment of silence*

Anyone that doesn't agree is just hatin'. There, I said it! You go Yee.

HAUTE SWAGG: Sweet goodbye

 It was such a sad day when I found out that D&G was calling it quits. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana decided that they are going to stop with their young diffusion line, in an attempt to reposition Dolce & Gabbana. From a branding point of view I completely undertand, because as much as I love and know D&G, I can't say the same about Dolce & Gabbana. Of course, I'd recognise the ads out of a million pictures within a heartbeat, but the clothes themself mostly fail to impress me. Except for their suits and blazers. I give it to them! When I finally get invited to the Oscars, I would hope to wear one of their creations. But I love D&G. Especially their sneakers. I own two pairs which now, as "old" as they are I shall treat extra carefully.

I think the prints are just beyond. They're amazing. I get the same kind of vibe like I do from that shirt Omarion's wearing. And I love the ease of the fit. It's like "I look great, but I actually really don't care." #SWAGG (I said I wouldn't use that word anymore, but sometimes it's the only way to describe great style for men). The styling in some cases was not completely my taste level, but the individual pieces were incredible, hence why I added the picture of the shirless guy. Those pants are the bizz! I just hate how they always put these picture-perfect-sixpack models on the runway without a shirt on, as a constant reminder that I'm slackin'... I should go to the gym. Yesterday.

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 And the nominnees are... #redcarpetdresses

By now I can call myself a red carpet-expert. It's so pathetic, like, every year I sit and watch Live From The Red Carpet with E! and it's the same people, the same jokes and the same questions and awnsers. But I love it hahahah. I can't help it. Sometimes you just gotta embrace yourself and know that somewhere in the world  there's someone who wants to be a loser like me (Yes, I'm a Gleek). But on to the order of the day. Elie Saab makes some of the most stunning dresses in the world. He used to be B's go-to designer for red carpet-events and he's also a favourite of Rhi Rhi and Halle Berry (on the night she won her oscar). These are IMO the highlights from his 2012 spring r-t-w collection of which I predict we will be seeing them at the SAG Awards, Golden Globes and Oscars.

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I say Lea Michelle and Anne Hathaway. What's your pick? Anyways this was it. Now I gotta get back to my schoolwork. I'll holla!

Love, R.

P.S.: Yes ladies, you saw it right. Those were indeed Chace Crawford, Ryan kwanton, Zachary Quinto, Darren Criss, Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony sitting frontrow @ Versace Men's S/S 2012 show in Milan.


  1. When someone finally invites you over to sit frontrow and write about them. Let me know okay.. im coming with you :p
    (*doin some nice writing sir)

  2. Thank you pretty lady!
    I hope that I won't have to invite you, cuz you would be walkin' in the show :D. They'd get points just for that!