Last Friday Night...: I went to church

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So, believe it or not, but even in the breaks from school I find myself busy as hell. Don't ask me what I'm doing though, seriously I couldn't tell you. But last Friday night, I went to church.


ME& M.E.: XOXO... R.

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So y'all know how I always sign my shit off with 'Love, R.', right? WELL, remember this book I told you we were making with the whole class? I wrote an article for it and I of course used my signature at the bottom, but they removed it. I understand (even though a part of my Ego doesn't completely agree), but it's all good. HOWEVER, these girls were like mocking me in a funny way by ending their FB-posts with my signature and replace the R with their own initial. They cracked me up. But then they accused me of copying Gossip Girl. Excuse you?? I know, crazy right! Like of all things, I would copy Gossip Girl?! (I guess the "inspired"-theme is still going strong hahaha) Anyways, so my Ego was a little crushed, until someone finally clarified that Gossip Girl doesn't say that, but that the characters in it always use their initial as well. I had to check the cast list and to my great disappointment I found out that one of the character's name starts with an R as well; Rufus.. Ughh...


TRUTH-B-TOLD: Everyone gets "inspired"

So the theme for this week is "inspired", as you might have figured out already, and it's really ironic that all of these "inspired" issues are coming up this week. Personally I don't think that these are things you should joke about. Last year a couple of teachers had THE NERVE to accuse me of committing plagiarism. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDIN' ME?? Hello, if there's one thing I love to do it is writing. I would never use someone else's work and put my own name on it, man get the f* outta here!

The issue was that I didn't not write my source list in Harvard Style. That ain't my fault. I had never even heard of that, my bad. It was your job as my teacher to tell me that I was expected to do so. Like I should not use certain words or sentences, just because in your eyes I would not be capable of coming up with it myself. How insulting?! I didn't really care about that part though, cuz I know that I didn't. Like the book I was referencing from was in the source list. No, what lit my fire was the fact that they gave this whole speech that someone copied and pasted from Wikipedia. She just went on and on about how they would notify the exam comittee and this person would get kicked out of school et cetera, et cetera and then they started giving back all the work and I didn't get mine. Then the other teacher came over and told me that they were talkin' about me. I was shocked. Like, she had no right to make those accusations. I am still waiting for them to show me that page from Wikipedia that I allegedly copied from. Anyways, I got my ish back, I rewrote the whole thing, did the source list accordingly and since that day I really stress about sources (hence why I always put the image sources on here).

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But that is not what I wanted to talk about (that must have been the longest intro eeee-ver). I want to talk about the one and only Beyoncé. It's like there's a team of no-lifes just waiting to break down her videos as soon as they drop, to show how she's always "inspired" and never original. If we're gonna talk about copying, we should mention a couple of other things AND PEOPLE as well. #letskeepitrealnow


HOT NEW JOINT by Bruno Mars

I was just sitting here, minding my own bizz, tryna come up with some creative introductions for this book that we're making with a group of people at school (After the hand-in I'll post some ish I did for it here for you to see. I can't do it now, cuz I might "inspire" the competition hahaha), when all of sudden a new song by my man Bruno comes on. I didn't even know we were already in the next chapter of his career. I feel like I'm totally behind with errthing. I can't wait for this book to be done so I can finally relax a little. Just a little. Anyways, keep on reading to get my 2 cents on it. You know that's the reason why you came here in the first place ;)


Fall Fashion Lyrical: FASHION WEEK WORLD

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So for the past couple of weeks fashion junkies all around the world have been enjoying the overdose of all things fashion coming from the different Fashion Weeks. Due to all the schoolwork I've been drowning in lately, I missed out on a lot. But of course, some things still caught my eye and as I you know I love to share. As my friends always say "sharing is caring Ryfa" (Holla @thenewandsexiernanda). So here it goes..


ME 'n M.E.: ya boy is back :D

What's up y'all! To my loyal readers I'd like to apologise for not having posted anything lately. These past two weeks have been like hell with a pressing deadline for school and stuff. I took this weekend to blow off some steam (which I did), but now I'm back, and starting tomorrow I'll be back again. I'm dying to post some ish, cuz lord knows I have a lot on my mind. I haven't been watching any of my shows ANS I haven't even seen the Emmy's yet, like WTF?! #suckedtobemelastweek

But I'm back now, so I'll holla!

Love, R.