WORD?!: Is It Me?

Not a week goes by without crazy/funny/weird ish happening. Usually it's on the celebrity end, but sometimes even companies and institutes go mad. I don't understand, but maybe you can explain it to me..

  1. Seriously? Why would you give your wife not just one, but two Lotus Evoras for YOUR OWN Bday Swizz Beats? Alicia can't even put a baby seat in that.. Since you're the companies vice-president/creative consultant you probably didn't even pay for them, but still... DAMN son!
  2. Don't you miss New York Fashion Week @Bryant Park? Lincoln Center just doesn't sound that.. idk.. catchy, I guess..
  3. Am I the only one who wonders if Serena ran into that umpire down the hall, after that match?
  4. Is baby Jayonce gonna get more attention than Suri and Shiloh? You best not hold your breath, cuz it might take ages before we ever see him/her. All I'm sayin' is that I'm still waitin' for those wedding pics
  5. Isn't Cheers like the first Rihanna-single in ages that hasn't been shoved down our throats? Did it even make the charts?
  6. Are you still shocked by all these "leaked" nude pics? (Scarlett darling, just snatch a new part if you want to be in the lime light again)
  7. How is it that Lil' Wayne can still sell over a million copies in his first week of sales, when your Hot 100 favourites have trouble hitting that mark not just in their release week, but even in their first month? (Lady GaGa does not count here, cuz she sold her album for 99 cents for a day or sum')
  8. I briefly saw Kim K's wedding shots in some magazine in the newsstand. Don't you think her custom made dresses were a little.. not THAT special (dare I say cliche)? Maybe it's a guy-thing, but I wasn't impressed by Kate Middleton either, when every girl I know most certainly was.. Brands don't impress me, not even Alexander McQueen or Vera Wang. I will say that the setting, that long ass aisle and alter (or watchumacallit) were incredible. I'd like to perform there someday hahaha
  9. Most Number 1 Singles From One (Debut) Album, Most Hot 100 Singles (Simultaneously) Within One Year (By A Male/Female singer/Rapper/Band), Highest Debut On Itunes, Youngest Transatlantic Top 20 artist (Willow Smith); ENOUGH ALREADY! Are you surprised that every week some artist breaks a new record, when The Guinness Book of World Records keeps adding all these random categories? #SMH

    (And since it is this time of the year, I have to ask this last question..)
  10. Did you get your copy of THE September Issue? Hahahaha, well I did (it's a funny story actually, which I will tell you about later). A couple actually (and not just Vogue), but I haven't read them. Except for JFK and Details..So why do I buy the others? Just cuz it's The September Issue, DUH! (Hi, my name is Ryfa and I'm a magazine-addict)

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