M.O.S.: Go Shorty, It's Your Birthday!

Even though by now it may seem like I'm obsessed with these famous (for-this-moment-out-of-reach-but-potential-future-baby-momma) girls, I have to admit that I am a very lucky guy. I'm surrounded by beautiful girls already. Singers, dancers, brainiacs, actresses, bloggers (:p) and yes, models too. These are not community models like myself (hey, I can't help it that Sean John has not come knockin' at my door yet. Maybe you can holla @Diddy 4 me), no ma'am. Last year I had this beautiful South-African redhead in my class, who had to leave us to conquer the fashion world (I'm talkin' shoots on exotic islands and shows during London Fashion Week.. HELLO). But the one I'm going to tell you about is Kim. Why? Cuz it's her birthday!

Come on, look at her and tell that she is not drop dead gorgeous. Excuse you?? I'm not even gonn' say a lot, just look at some of her work.

The thing about Kim is that besides her beauty, she also has brains. Girlfriend just came back from New York, where she blogged for Cosmogirl (she appeared in the magazine as well.. it was so awkward when I went to buy that issue. I mean it's one thing to buy Vogue or Elle, you know, but Cosmogirl.. hahahah). I actually met her when we played in the musical We Will Rock You together. It was crazy, but we had a lotta fun.

Look at this. Pretty right? How many of the models in the magazines still look pretty without all the styling and retouching? If you ask me, homegirl is both model-  and girlfriend pretty. Catch up with her (please don't stalk, just secretly read her blog or sum') on her blog.

To Kim I'd like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know we celebrated already last night @Elit, but I hope you had an amazing day as well.
Love, R.

P.S.: Ladies, this is a one time thing. Don't be mad cuz I didn't do one about you too. If I start doing that, I'll never get to other topics again, cuz there are so much of you (I hate when girls compare what you do to others to what you do for them.. STOP IT!! It's not a big deal)

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