HOT NEW JOINT by Cee Lo Green

Just because every now and then a song comes along that will make you relive all those feelings and emotions you've tricked yourself into believing you didn't have.. #SMH @ these artists.

For the sake of ...(she who shall not be named)... I sure do hope I never get signed. We all know that I have written the songs already, some of which are totally Grammy worthy! I've written some crappy ass ish too, but me and the critics all agree that when given the artistic freedom, I pen down nice lyrics (just cuz I don't tell you shit about my life, doesn't mean that I don't have one besides what I allow you to know via Facebook. You so stupid if you really thought I put my whole life on there). A lot o' people gonn' b upset.. But I have to do me and I won't apologise for that. Just don't mess with the artistically gifted. You WILL find your bizznizz on the Billboard hot 100. Let this be lesson!

Love, R.

P.S.: Call me crazy, but isn't that a "sample" of that little tune from Bieber's/Usher's 'Somebody To Love', which Far East Movement also sampled in a slowed down version in 'Rocketeer'. Maybe that's why I liked this song so much hahahah (he, I may not like the Biebs, but that beat, and that video was ON POINT! I never hate on a good thing. Even if it is associated with the teen heart rob) 

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