GaGa for MAGAZINES: step 1 - admitting that I have a problem..

Now, I usually don't like to share to much about myself, but you deserve it for having waited so long (I'm so sorry, but school got me all tied up and ish, like, it's not even funny anymore).. That ain't the only reason though. I've come to realise that I have a serious problem...... with magazines. I'm addicted to them. No, 4 real. like I bought 16 magazines in the last 2 days. Do you know how much do that is? I gotta say that I get a discount, so basically it's as if I got two or three for free, but still. THIS IS GETTING OUT OF HAND.

No, this ain't some random picture I took off the web. This is the damage.. my damage. The damage I did to my wallet. I'm gonna stop. Really. I decided (*Solange voice*). But I had perfectly good reason to buy everything that I bought. I DID!!

It's September okay! Don't act like I didn't already tell you how important this month is in the amazingly (expensive) world of fashion magazines. Vogue Hommes International, American GQ style and German GQ Style only come out twice a year and I've been buying them for years (now that I think about it, Arena Homme + wasn't in the stands yet.. Oh well, I guess I still have one more to buy then). Like, come on, twice a year, that's not bad. 10 and Numéro I'm not sure of. And btw 10 I got as a gift, so that one doesn't even count.

uhm.. I kinda forgot to tell you that these past 2 days were not the only time I indulged myself :$.. Let's just say that I bought a "fair" amount of magazines at the beginning of the month as well hahahaha. Vanity Fair I always wanted to buy and since it was the September issue anyways, I finally decided to go ahead with it. ELLE... I think it's the fifth American ELLE I've ever bought. I started last year actually, when I started studying fashion. Before that I only bought men's fashion magazines, but now all of a sudden I have to know what goes on in womenswear as well, and since ELLE has some nice articles in it (which is what I look for in magazines. You probably thought I just wanted to look at pretty pictures right? You so stupid! You can do that online these days) every now and then I buy it. InStyle and Harper's BAZAAR... Do I really have to say why I bought those? And Vogue USA.. It's the September issue. How could I not. I literally went into every magazine store I go to on a daily basis, waiting for it to come out (I already admitted to have a problem, relax. Geez. And to be honest I couldn't get past the first 100 pages. The ones with my wife on the cover I haven't even opened yet. Like I've had them for weeks and I just got them out of the back for this picture. Same goes for ELLE).

And speaking of Vogue, Vogue Italia has an amazing package every September. Come on, I HAD to buy it. The editorials in Vogue Haute Couture.. I'm telling you, these people know what they doin'. I just wish the pictures wouldn't be so unfocused and blurry, but hey, it works for them and they ARE the experts.

These are my babies. If I had to pick, I'd choose these ones over all the others. I must have bought over fifty magazines in the past 5 months, but these are the ones I actually read. I've been on VIBE since '07. I love VIBE. It's just dope. I was so heart broken when they went bankrupt in '09. Luckily they found new funders and they changed the format and errthing a bit and came back. It took me a while to find a store where I could buy it again though (my 'WORD?!', was inspired by their '20 questions'. It always cracked me up. Still does). GQ is the first fashion magazine I started buying. Now I know that it's more a lifestyle magazine and not just about fashion, but what did I know 3 years ago. I haven't missed a single issue since August of '09 (okay fine, I missed one. July 2010, but who's counting). Ebony sucked me into their ish last year with their anniversary issue. I'm a true sucker for those (hence why I bought DAZED& confused today). Throw the words "collectors issue" on any magazine and I will buy it! But I read it and I actually liked it. Cuz as amazing as the other magazines are, they don't talk about or deal with "black things". And us black people got some funny ass ish hahahahah. Details I started buying since this year. It's similar to GQ, but yet so different. It feels a little younger and more "underground" IMO.

But these are my favourite magazines at the moment, hands down. JFK is like a Dutch GQ/Details I guess. But it's so much more cooler. I can't even believe that it's Dutch. I love the interviews and articles and profiles (they have so many of them in every issue). Again, they sucked me into their drug with their anniversary issue as well hahaha. It was the one before this current issue. And bleu, damn. bleu is like the black version of GQ. Not really, but then you understand what it is, sort of. Like, I love Details and Numéro, GQ (Style) and all o' them, but they don't really target me, you know. All these hair products and hair styles that don't apply to me. It sounds stupid, but that's why I love bleu so much. It gives me just that little extra that the other big names don't.

Curious/Addicted as I am, I always buy magazines I don't know yet as well. This month I bought Jet (it was 3,20. It does not get any cheaper. You would have bought it too!), Idol, Men's Journal and Entrepreneur. This last one has some cool tips and articles on how to start and brand your own bizz. Hello! Can I get an amen up in here (fly-Nike-rockin'-pretty-girl you best respond!). I'm tryna get somewhere! Idol I heard was some New York model based magazine or sum'.. Idk. I'll let you know, once I do. And Men's Journal I regret buying (as I do the American ELLE of October. Doutzen Kroes on the cover and Chanel Iman, my future girlfriend-for-a-month, inside. How could any man resist?). So that's why I decided that I'm gonna stop buying so many magazines. I wanted to buy some more today, but I'm trying to stick to this plan. I'll let you know how it goes, aaight. Peace!

Love, R.

P.S.: Which magazines do you read?


  1. Amazing read man. I feel ur struggle, but this time you can really blame it (partially) on AMFI.. #JustSaying

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  3. I must say even though you admitted your Magz addiction to me personally, I didn't think you'd write a post about it.

    But maybe doing it this way will make it a bit easier for you to hold on in there and start collecting less of those. Knowing others know about it, and will encourage you to stop.

    You can do it! ^^