GaGa for MAGAZINES: step 1 - admitting that I have a problem..

Now, I usually don't like to share to much about myself, but you deserve it for having waited so long (I'm so sorry, but school got me all tied up and ish, like, it's not even funny anymore).. That ain't the only reason though. I've come to realise that I have a serious problem...... with magazines. I'm addicted to them. No, 4 real. like I bought 16 magazines in the last 2 days. Do you know how much do that is? I gotta say that I get a discount, so basically it's as if I got two or three for free, but still. THIS IS GETTING OUT OF HAND.


WORD?!: Is It Me?

Not a week goes by without crazy/funny/weird ish happening. Usually it's on the celebrity end, but sometimes even companies and institutes go mad. I don't understand, but maybe you can explain it to me..

  1. Seriously? Why would you give your wife not just one, but two Lotus Evoras for YOUR OWN Bday Swizz Beats? Alicia can't even put a baby seat in that.. Since you're the companies vice-president/creative consultant you probably didn't even pay for them, but still... DAMN son!
  2. Don't you miss New York Fashion Week @Bryant Park? Lincoln Center just doesn't sound that.. idk.. catchy, I guess..
  3. Am I the only one who wonders if Serena ran into that umpire down the hall, after that match?
  4. Is baby Jayonce gonna get more attention than Suri and Shiloh? You best not hold your breath, cuz it might take ages before we ever see him/her. All I'm sayin' is that I'm still waitin' for those wedding pics
  5. Isn't Cheers like the first Rihanna-single in ages that hasn't been shoved down our throats? Did it even make the charts?
  6. Are you still shocked by all these "leaked" nude pics? (Scarlett darling, just snatch a new part if you want to be in the lime light again)
  7. How is it that Lil' Wayne can still sell over a million copies in his first week of sales, when your Hot 100 favourites have trouble hitting that mark not just in their release week, but even in their first month? (Lady GaGa does not count here, cuz she sold her album for 99 cents for a day or sum')
  8. I briefly saw Kim K's wedding shots in some magazine in the newsstand. Don't you think her custom made dresses were a little.. not THAT special (dare I say cliche)? Maybe it's a guy-thing, but I wasn't impressed by Kate Middleton either, when every girl I know most certainly was.. Brands don't impress me, not even Alexander McQueen or Vera Wang. I will say that the setting, that long ass aisle and alter (or watchumacallit) were incredible. I'd like to perform there someday hahaha
  9. Most Number 1 Singles From One (Debut) Album, Most Hot 100 Singles (Simultaneously) Within One Year (By A Male/Female singer/Rapper/Band), Highest Debut On Itunes, Youngest Transatlantic Top 20 artist (Willow Smith); ENOUGH ALREADY! Are you surprised that every week some artist breaks a new record, when The Guinness Book of World Records keeps adding all these random categories? #SMH

    (And since it is this time of the year, I have to ask this last question..)


HOT NEW JOINT by Cee Lo Green

Just because every now and then a song comes along that will make you relive all those feelings and emotions you've tricked yourself into believing you didn't have.. #SMH @ these artists.


M.O.S.: Go Shorty, It's Your Birthday!

Even though by now it may seem like I'm obsessed with these famous (for-this-moment-out-of-reach-but-potential-future-baby-momma) girls, I have to admit that I am a very lucky guy. I'm surrounded by beautiful girls already. Singers, dancers, brainiacs, actresses, bloggers (:p) and yes, models too. These are not community models like myself (hey, I can't help it that Sean John has not come knockin' at my door yet. Maybe you can holla @Diddy 4 me), no ma'am. Last year I had this beautiful South-African redhead in my class, who had to leave us to conquer the fashion world (I'm talkin' shoots on exotic islands and shows during London Fashion Week.. HELLO). But the one I'm going to tell you about is Kim. Why? Cuz it's her birthday!


Fall Fashion Lyrical: BAD (and perfectly good at it)

Image courtesy of Armani

I bet it took you a minute to recognize her, huh? Yeah I know, they could've just hired a regular model for this, cuz this good girl gone bad looks nothin' like herself. Especially since this is not the look she's currently rockin'. For some reason I feel like this picture is dated. It would have been a better fit for her Rated R-era. But the picture is hot, I won't lie. Armani Jeans is known for putting out questionable ads though... (or in the case of Solange Knowles, not putting out the ads at all. Remember when they first launched their BeyoncĂ© assisted perfume Diamonds? Well, they made Sol-angel the face of Armani Jeans, but I never saw those ads or anything. hmm...)


COVER WARS: Illuminati Takes Ova

They Call me King Ryf, copy? Big ballin' is my hobby. So much so they think I'm down with the Illuminati... Okay, okay, so maybe they don't actually think that about me, but rumor has it that Cassie is. Homegirl certainly ain't tryin' to kill those rumor by being on the cover of Idoll magazine's Illuminati issue. I for one really couldn't care less. The girl looks HOT!!


TRUTH-B-TOLD: The Oscars are not objective!

For Coloured girls… The title of this movie would suggest that it’s going to be an empowering story to inspire the black girl. In a way it does, but don’t expect this movie to be all Cinderella-story-happy-ending. No. Maybe if you hear the entire title you get a better feel; For Coloured Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf. That was the original name, used for the play this movies was based on. But you know how those Americans do. Hell breaks loose when they see a nipple on TV or, god forbid, someone saying fuck #SMH. They need to get over themselves. There are worse things in the world.