WORD?!: The Kardashians edition

So I'm just chilling on the couch at my parents place (no matter how amazin' it is to have your own place, nothing tops being back @home with your parents, siblings and home cooked meals) and everytime I'm here, I always like to watch E!, since I obviously don't have that channel at my own place. And It just happens to be so that Keeping Up With The Kardashians is on, and it's the episode of Khloe and Lamar's wedding. I know, some of my friends have already pointed out how behind I am hahahaha, but honestly I don't really follow it. I don't know.. It could be me, but I just think that without following their every move, I still get an over-kill dose of Kardashian-info. And since we're just 2 days away from Kim K's wedding, I thought it's the perfect time to do a little WORD?!-session about the Kardashains.

  1. I'm sorry, but I (and I'm not alone on this) can't help but wonder: How long is Kim gonna stay married? You know, some people just don't seem like the marriage type.
  2. Were marriages and pregnancies part of their reality-show contract?
  3. Why aren't Kourtney and Scott married yet?
  4. And I don't really know what Scott does, but wouldn't you hate to be the only husband-to-be-slash-baby-daddy-in-law who isn't; 1. HUGE, like an XXL giant of a man 2. a ball player 3. Black (hahaha no offence, but Khloe and Kim both have a thing for brotha's hahaha)
  5. They had their own stores already, but after the reality shows, books, perfumes, blogs, clothing lines and modelling contracts, is a Kardashian-movie in the works as well?
  6. Do you really (still) watch every episode of every single one of their shows? Really? Well, to each his own I guess. I have guilty pleasures too, so I won't judge.
  7. But seriously though, aren't you tired of them yet?

So I was just watching the wedding, right. And I was looking at the bridesmaids and I saw the ever so sexy Lauren London and these other black beauties (I think they were twins, but it could be wishful hallucination on my end) and you know..
  1. Can anyone tell me who they are?
  2. Doesn't she (Khloe's bff, since I still don't know if there really are 2 of them hahahaha) look just like (a taller version of) Naturi Naughton?
  3. Can I somehow get into that circle of friends?
When all is said and done, who really cares about how crazy and over-exposed they are. It's all for entertainment purposes anyways. And you can say anything you want, but these Kardashians are definitely entertaining (and beautiful, to state the obvious). And everyone should do whatever makes them happy, so as long as they're happy and bringin' home big bucks, let them be. However, Khloe, please do work on your fake-crying. Even if it's not all as real as y'all claim, at least try to make it seem as if it is. That's all. Here's to Kim having the most beautiful day of her life on Sunday. Cheers!

Love, R.

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