TRUTH BE TOLD: I haven't seen your latest music video breezy

So, my boy Chris dropped his mixtape Boy In Detention last week, and as usual it's good. If I'm totally honest though, I have to say that I don't think it's as good as In My Zone or Fan Of A Fan. There's nothing wrong with the quality of the songs, it's just that this go 'round I'm not as surprised as I was before. Yes, they're all originals (*acts like Marvin's Room and Last aren't on there*), but upon reading the titles, it feels like he's rippin' his own work off between First 48 and Ladies Love Me. And how many volumes of Real Hip Hop is he going to make? But you know what they say; don't judge a book by its cover, so I gave it a shot anyways (as if I wouldn't)...


 The first time I "listened" to it, I labeled it a "same-song-multiplied-album". You know how some artists make records of which it feels like the entire thing exists out of fill-ups that sound the same (R. Kelly's Love Letter). Of course this isn't true, but it's my mind's way of saying that to me there aren't a lot of songs that stand out. But when I put it on again for another listen, without doing something else at the same time, I realised that actually this mixtape perfectly reflects the point where Chris Brown is in his life and career.

On one hand he is still this nice and bubbly guy singin' love songs with Justin Bieber, that'll make every mother in the world love him more (I guess we have more in common than I realised hahaha), while on the other he is spittin' on 48 bars about real hip hop. I guess just like the rest of us, Chris hasn't made up his mind yet on whether he is the good guy or a bad boy. I don't think that it matters. Either way he makes great music, and since all of us regular folks don't have a clue who we are most of the time anyways, we shouldn't expect celebrities to be any different. They might be rockin' Coco and Breezy shades, but behind them they are just like you and me. Well maybe not me, but you get what I mean.

HOLD ON! Coco & Breezy is not some clothing line designed by Chris Brown, but since Breezy is his nickname I just thought it'd be a nice wordplay. You know how I do. Coco & Breezy are these twins who design some of the illest accessories and more importantly shades you've ever seen. You know the ones with the chains and studs on them? That's them! So if you didn't know yet, get familiar now.

I could tell you to go listen to it if you haven't already, but I don't really have to. We know how Chris be promoting this shit like it's some label approved billboard certified album. I mean, seriously, have you kept track of all the videos this kid released this year ?
  1. February 11th: Regular Girl ft. Tyga 
  2. February 16th: Real Hip Hop Shit
  3. March 10th: Look At Me Now
  4. March 22nd: Beautiful People
  5. April 10th: Spend It All
  6. April 29th: She Ain't You
  7. May 19th: Should've Kissed You
  8. June 15th: Next To You ft. Justin Bieber
  9. June 15th: Real Hip Hop Shit #2
  10. July 29th: All About You
Damn! truth be told, it's not like all of these were high budget videos, but still. I just gave up. I couldn't keep up anymore. Cuz the confusing part is that not all of these are singles.. Like WTF?! How do I know which one I'm supposed to request if you have so many out? I'm not even counting all the singles from other artist he appeared on like Big Sean, The Game, T-Pain, Keri Hilson and Diddy Dirty Money. Speaking of Diddy Dirty Money, I LOVE Last Train To Paris. But Diddy went into overload with the videos too. It felt like there was a new video every week. From the top of my head there was a video for
  1. Hello Good Morning
  2. Coming Home
  3. Yesterday
  4. I Hate That You Love Me
  5. Looking For Love
  6. Ass On The Floor

All of these looked good, I'm talking visually stunning concepts and special effect and ish, but I didn't have the time to process. And how many VMA nominations did they get (peep my post about the VMA's)? And Chris? Exactly, popping videos isn't the awnser you guys. But we'll see in 6 months, how many videos ya boy the transformer added to his resume.

BTW: Did you know about all those videos? What about the one that's NSFW?

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