TRUTH-B-TOLD: I am what you made me!

I'm a happy person. Ask anyone. And I'm all about positivity (even though it might not seem like it. But think about it, when I criticize these celebs and stuff, I have good reason to do so. It ain't like I'm hatin' for no reason. Cuz let's be honest, I'm here at home bloggin' about them, so they must be doing something right and I ... just haven't started workin' my looks and talent yet hhahahahah) BUT I have to take this opportunity to complain. I feel betrayed by society and it's time that society takes responsibility for it.

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I was SUPER excited to go see the Smurfs @the cinema. What?! Do you know how long it has been since I have seen my little blue friends? I used to wake up early every Saturday to see these blue midgets get themselves into trouble over and over again. Let me be! And the fact that they got all these A-list celebs to do the voice-overs (or however you call it) was just a bonus. You have to agree, Katy Pery was born for this. Sometimes she does this annoying voice which is perfect for this.

But here's where my upset-ness comes to play. In the wonderful land we call Holland, you can only see the Dutch-dubbed version featuring Dutch Celebrities a.k.a. BN'ers. Seriously, I don't have anything against Kim-Lian, but she doesn't exactly make me wanna go run to the theatre (not that Katy does, but play along, will you). And They have the nerve to wonder why we download movies and music and everything else. Are you 4 real??

  1. First of all, try releasing it the same date WORLD WIDE, because it's gonna get online, and impatient as I am, I will download it, because I can not wait!
  2. You made me impatient with your exposure overkill, getting the stars to do interviews on every radio-, and TV-show, magazine and online platform known to mankind so of course I know about it long before you planned the date for me to be able to see it. DUH!
  3. Third, how can you let these people rip your movie off like that?? I get it; now I can take my
    2-year-old sister with me and she will understand it too, but please have the real version at night for me to watch. It's way better anyways, because you did the original casting.
And while we're on the subject of reasons why "entertainment" in Holland sucks, I've got a couple more:
  1. I am so not happy that you always take the shows off the air, before the season-finale
  2. And when you do decide to start airing again, unannounced on a time which clearly doesn't suit my schedule (a.k.a. late at night or early in the morning when I'm still in school), why start with 10 old episodes which I've already seen??
  3. If I have to wait for you to air these shows in Holland, I might as well not watch at all anymore, because I watch E!News and I'm a die-hard fan, so I'm part of their FB-page and they keep me updated on everything that happens in the episodes airing in the States. Sucks to be here, don't it?!
  4. VEVO!!!! UGGHH, I just don't understand. Seriously? Do you really think I will not see these video's because you haven't made it available in "my region". Newsflash: this is the 21st century. I WILL. One way or another. In HD! If you would enable that stupid block, maybe your artists might get a few more hits on their official pages. Think about it. Their (non-album-selling) ego's could use it!
  5. And just like with the movies, release these CD's on the same day worldwide, because by the time I see it in the stores, I'm tired of hearing it on replay on my Ipod already, so chances are that I won't want to buy it. Basic maths people. Who cares if the album is LOUD, I'm not listening anymore.
So next time y'all execs wanna complain that nobody buys records or goes to the movies anymore, blame yourselves. This is the 21st century, we are in a hurry, haven't you heard? #SMH

Love, R.

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