M.O.S.: Serena vanderLEEEEGS

In my previous post I wrote about the sensational Blake Lively @the Met Gala 2010 a.k.a. a sight that still makes my blood pump faster.. I said BLOOD you perv!!! Anyways here's the picture in question.

THOSE LEGS! Are you kidding me?! Now I've never been much of a legs-guy myself, I never quit got what  the whole hype was all about (I prefer a juicy booty), until now (or to be accurate since last year). I mean.. THOSE LEGS. Blake Lively is SMOKIN'. That Marchesa dress is beautiful, but I can't stop looking at her. Now someone needs to enlighten me: Is this what she always looks like in Gossip Girl? Because I think I just became the shows biggest fan. And I might even watch that
I-think-it's-absolutely-horrible-even-though-I've-never-seen-it Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants movie.

legs for days AND that smile. ugh.. How can you expect a Divo like me to date regular girls from the block, when you have AMAZONS like this in my future hometowns. I think I'll patiently wait till I get there. One other thing that makes this goddess stunning is her fresh face and the lack of heavy make-up. Now I'm no idiot, I know these stars always wear make-up, but ladies please don't be fooled. Guys really don't care. I think it's so much hotter when you rock that sexy au-natural look. Cuz I feel like we could go to some backroom, fool around, and then come back to the party and your lipstick wouldn't be all over my neck and your cheeks, so people would never know.

P.S.: there is an exception to that rule! If the first time I saw you, you had a flawless face, of which I didn't know it was "fake", please DO keep that act up. I hate that "new face"-disappointment when I wake up in the morning.

Love, R.

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