M.O.S.: I GOOGLED this one

Remember her?

Yes it's miss Teyana Taylor. Sista's come along way since her mom-I-want-a-bike-days on
MTV's My Super Sweet 16. I guess times changed, and she grew up. In a very feminine way! Since Jigga bought over BBC from Pharrel, maybe he could take over her career too, since Pharrel's label obviously hasn't done her good. And we all know what Shawn can do for your career if you're
 under his umbrella-ella-ella. #justsaying

Images courtesy of Concreteloop

Oh Snap, looks like someone's been watching ANTM too hahahah. Naah, I can't even lie, she looks hot as hell. If her attitude didn't scare me, I'd wanna date her. Wonder if she's changed..

Anyways, TT is now the face of the french jewelry line Nous sommes and these are some of the outtakes of the shoot she did for them. The line consists out of these chains which are basically miniature versions of celebrity heads. You can see her workin' the Terry Richardson in the second pic. They got a whole bunch of people though, from music icons like MJ or GaGa, to fashion powerhouses like Karl Lagerfeld

Love, R.

(p.s.: for some reason to me those first 2 shots look like they were outtakes from FHM or sum' lol)

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