ME 'n M.E.: I just did it

This right here is a ME AND My Ego-moment.. Yes I said it, I've got an ego. Boo-hoo; get over it! At least I can admit it. I'm sure you do to. In fact everyone I know, which if you're reading this includes you, does. Anyways, I'm not gonna talk about myself the whole time... I just wanted to share with you that I got them..

My Fall 2011 neon pink Nike Air Force 1 high-tops. Are you really surprised? I said I would, remember. I got the second last pair. No, I'm not lucky, it was meant to be!! You best believe I was looking forward to rockin' them and I figured what better day, than the first day of school.

.....of course in perfect Ryfa-fashion I woke up late. Late as in the exact time I was supposed to leave my house late. So I couldn't turn up the swagg completely.. I won't lie, I normally put something together the night before to prepare for situations like this (when you see me looking a HAM, you know it's cuz I'm late and really don't give a damn about the way I look). But yesterday it got so late that I was like, fuck it! So this morning I just threw on the first thing I could think off (how crazy is it that the first thing I think of is yellow pants XD). 

Just as critical as I am towards others, multiply that times a hundred and that's how critical I am towards myself. This outfit is not as amazing as these kicks deserve (and the paparazzi is there on these exact days to capture your off-days), but I am still killin' it. Are you kidding me?!. I get pointers for swaggin' out in neon pink and yellow! #nuffsaid. I just have one thing to say and that is to my man, Kanye. You're off the hook brotha, I'm sure Fiddy will let your shirt slide, but I'm not sure about my "little" ensemble hahahaha. Like I care. (If you have no clue what I'm talking about, you have missed one of the best shows ever: VH1 Storytellers Kanye West)


Love, R.

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