ME& M.E.: word?!

Sometimes you hear news that just makes you go "SERIOUSLY?". It happens to me all the time, and, well, since this is my blog, I figured why not share my sentiments with the world?

  1. How in the world is Kelly Rowland, who just happens to be in the biggest selling female group of all time, the opening act to Chris Brown?? I know she doesn't sell on her own, but DAMN!
  2. Aren't you ready for twitter to be over, just so all these celebrities can stop making a damn fool of themselves? (y'all know who you are)
  3. Do you still think the Biebs is innocent? That's all! (I wanna say sum', but you know his fans are CRA-ZY with a capitol Z)
  4. And speaking of the teen heart robs, are Chris and Bieber the next duo to make a 'best of both worlds'-album? (Face Off part 2)
  5. First all female singers started falling on stage. Then they started flashing everything from nipples (quite the motivation) to they ... vajeje's (u r such a rudeGIRL). So now that Kanye fell on stage, is this a sign that all male singers are gonna start flashing their private parts too? (Please, let me be wrong lord)
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You don't have to awnser (obviously these are all rhetorical), but if you feel like you can enlighten me, please do!

Love, R.

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