I Love My B... abe: A-list candy girls

Some dudes try so hard and they just can't succeed with the ladies. Others don't try at all and they get p*ssy for days (#Swagg). And a few are famous and surrounded by the most beautiful (black) women in the world... At least in their videos anyways. Case in study:
Jason Derulo

Image courtesy of NYTimes

I think it's safe to say that I'm a Derulo fan. U see, the thing is that his self titled debut belongs to the very selective list of albums that I could listen to back to back from the very first time I heard it. Others on that list include O (Omarion), Just Like Me (Keyshia Cole) and Because Of You (Ne-Yo). To me it's important that an album tells a story from beginning to end. Usually that means taking you through the different stages of a love story (often gone wrong). But the thing about Jason Derulo was that it expressed deep emotional feelings in a light and chit-chat-level way. I loved that. And the (auto-tune)sound and dance-ready feel were perfect.

So what is a 21-year-old (I can't believe we're the same age. No offence Jason, but you look older dude) high-pitched-voice singer to do after he's had great success on his debut album? You get the most beautiful black ladies in the industry to play the lead in your videos. I'm so glad someone gets it, cuz these rappers just don't seem to get tired of the same old big-booty-fake-tits video girls, which the entire Hip Hop community has had dance for them in their music videos (and lord knows where else) already.

For Don't Wanna Go Home he hired my favourite Pussycat Doll;
Melody Thornton. After The PCD broke up she worked her fame a little and, like every celeb who wants to stay relevant, took every available night to go out for dinner at Katsuya. She also released a very "burlesque" single, Sweet Vendetta, last June, although it never really caught on. It was aaight. She should try acting. Honey 2 would've been perfect for her (still have to see that one btw).

Anyways for his new single It Girl, our singer-songwriter got none other than the picture-perfect Tika Sumpter to assist him in the video. Sumpter appeared in Stomp The Yard 2, as well as a couple of other movies and hit TV-shows like Gossip Girl. She has a couple of movies coming out, one of which I am stoked about; Think Like A Man, an adaption of Steve Harvey's best seller Think Like A Man, Act Like A Lady. This movie has the most incredible black cast ever. Everyone from Meagan to Taraji is a part of it. Even the ladies will be all smiles, cuz breezy, that light skin brotha that was in B's Halo and Idris, they are all in the cast as well. Can't wait. But for now, enjoy Tika Sumpter and Jason Derulo in It Girl.

Love, R.

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