Fall Fashion Lyrical: all you need is... FURRR (and a belt)

With summer weather so horrendous, you're starting to doubt all those "the world is getting warmer-green house effect"-ish, it's the perfect time to start looking at the fashion for this fall. Of course I ain't no ALT (please know who I'm talking about), but still I'm going to tell you about the trends for this season. Whatchusay? "Who am I to talk about trends?" HELLO, this is MY blog, if you don't like it, LEAVEEEE. Ain't nobody forcing you to be here! Damn, stop with all the hating you guys, it's not fly and it's killin' y'all cool!

Images courtesy of beyonceonline, Vanity Fair & Flaunt

I don't know where PETA is hangin' out these days, but it seems like it's safe to deck yourself out in chinchillas and minx again, cuz all the diva's are doing it. From Zoe in Flaunt and J.Lo (who bares more than just her skin) in Vanity Fair, to my girl B. on the cover of her latest effort '4', rockin' an Alexandre Vauthier fox-fur stole which is embellished by the Lesage embroidery house with Swarovski crystals, it's a fact; FUR IS HOT AGAIN! It seems like the designers all agree...

As my homegirl Ana famously said, "there's always a way to wear fur." And Alexander McQueen, Dsquard2, Azzedine Alaia and, obviously, Gucci, show that the look for this season is a knee-length coat, belted up at your waist. Of course we love to copy the looks from the stars, but please know that B shot her picture on a nice spring day in Paris and Jennifer and Zoe were both in warm studios, so unlike them, I do recommend you wear more than just some panties underneath.

I have no problem with female trends for guys and vice versa, BUT this is one trend that the fellas should not get into. It just doesn't quit work.. IMO. But, hey, I don't judge. If you want to, go ahead and do you. Etro does it anyways, so I guess there is an audience for it.. Just don't look all surprised when you look in the mirror and decide that you look bad. I told you so bro!

Image courtesy of style.com    

Love, R. 

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