It's about that time y'all; September a.k.a. the most important month in the amazingly (expensive might I add, my wallet should know) world of MAGAZINESSSSSS! Now of course the title of this item suggest that it is about my favourite dreamgirl AGAIN, but it isn't ( although she graces 2 covers of the month in which "our year officially starts"). No! It's about, IMO, the brand which is actually runs this town. I remember buying the March issue of ELLE, just because their clothes made such an impact. The colour blocking, the boldness, the vibrant-ness of the colours - I LOVED IT! And they were everywhere, from the covers, to the red carpet, to the cheaper knock-off versions @ZARA.

This is the cover of Chinese VOGUE, but it perfectly reflects the fashion that graces the covers which are currently on or about to hit the newsstands. You better be able to recognize these dresses though.. If you don't know which fashion house they belong to shoot yo'self. Then continue reading to find out the awnser, and also which recently divorcee spotted this trend back in May.

it's GUCCI babe! (fall '011 RTW)

Harper's BAZAAR Australia & TATLER UK


And it's not just the covers. Even the editorials are filled with the Italian luxury brand. Here's a picture of Glee-star Lea Michele in the pages of the September issue of Harper's BAZAAR USA.

Clearly she is upstaged by the dress in this picture, but she can't help it; this GUCCI collection is just so beautiful. And J.Lo saw this coming, because long before these covers, she appeared on the red carpet at the annual if-you-love-fashion-you'll-get-multiple-orgasms-here (I'm still turned on by Blake Lively - click to see for yourself) a.k.a. the Met Gala back in May, in one of the showstopping pieces.

Here's what I love about Jenny; this girl will always sex you up on the red carpet. J-HUD has her signature wave, B's got that curvaceous pose to show off her goods, Tyra will always give you a smize, but J.Lo.. @the Grammy's I even forgot that Marc was standing next to her, because I felt like she was having tantra sex with me through my freaking television. #gottaloveit.

Love, R.

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  1. Harper's BAZAAR USA sucks though ^^