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I am tired as hell. 12 hours ago I was still up, watching the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. As a true VMA-fan I can say that performance wise, this was the best VMAs ever. There was not one performer that I didn't like, which is rare. Even that rock band killed it. I enjoyed their show and song and I really have no clue who they are. But you know, I gotta break it down for you DIVO-style. So I'm throwing in all the posts I do on my blog for a very special report on last nights award show.

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The pre-show just had me wondering, so I had to do me and put out some questions.
  1. Now that you've heard Amber Rose speak for the first time, do you finally understand why she never said a word when she was Kanye's accessory? Amber's a bad b****, but hearing her talk is something else.. That ain't cute boo, so just stand there and look perty, aaight!
  2. Who in the world signed Tyler the Creator? Like, seriously, that dude is so annoying.. Oh my god, and rude.. talking about killing himself if Bruno Mars wins over him.. newsflash; you ain't got nothin' on the one that talks to the moon! Plus, that joke was so disrespectful towards the host. And his mom was standing RIGHT THERE! #SMH
  3. Am I the only one who thought that Selena interviewing Bieber was just awkward? At first I was like, okay, y'all keeping it professional and stuff, but then Justin (I told y'all, he ain't innocent no mo'!) decided that he wanted to make out with her on live TV. Selena, it's cute that you and your fellow Disney stars did the whole purity ring and all that, but Justin just outed you on international TV. You best believe that once you break up he'll spill the beans, just like JT did Britney.
  4. Doesn't Sabi look just like the late Aaliyah? 4 real, look at her entrance and walking up to the stage..

Fall Fashion Lyrical

I hate to do this, but these stars are loosing their mind. It is my duty to be their no-man. Kevin Hart started this at the BET Awards, and since obviously a lot of these stars still surround themselves with people that will just say yes to their every thought, I shall set forth his mission to heal the world and, in this case, make it a more fashionable place.

Jessie J, Leotards are over sugah! I was so glad Beyonce killed Sasha Fierce and Rihanna has gone back to wearing clothes, so please let's leave those tights where they belong: in the past

Justin, you're 17, right?! LOOK YOU AGE! Those glasses just look bad on you. And did you have to rock a blazer that has such a big YSL-logo on it? Really? And where did you leave that snake once you were inside?

Miley... girl.. I look at you and I completely forgot your age. First of all, where have you been all this time? U started working on the remake of 'The Bodyguard' yet? Second, please go back to where you were, and come back harder.

This is what you get when you mix Lil' Kim, Lady GaGa, Gwen Stefani and Katy Perry! #nuffsaid.. This is so bad, I don't even know where to start. Like in comparison to this, I'm even willing to say that I actually like her Givenchy look from the Grammy's. That's how bad this is!

Word on the street is that this was her alter ego Harajuku Barbie or something, but personally I don't give her a pass for that. Ciara, Brandy, hell, everyone has an alter ego now, but if all of them can still look good, then why can't Nicki's??

uhm.. My man.. Did you fire your stylist? You clearly need one son, so you best hire somebody.

And Hold up! Did you mom and dad really let you leave the house like that?

Ne-Yo, who makes your sweater man? Hook a brotha up!
Not necessarily red carpet-worthy, but you know.. It's still a good look, I won't lie.


As I mentioned earlier, I loved last night's show. The Throne performance was so dope. It was just as cool as the video. They were just swaggin' out. Imma need Ye to give me that outfit too. We all know people like him don't wear the same ish twice. And Jay just can't perform at the VMA-stage without someone running on stage and try to mess up his act, can he hahahaha. But why weren't any of the stars bothered to applaud when they were done?

GaGa just took it to another level. I was wondering how she would out do herself this time and I am happy to say that she changed it up completely, surprised everyone and still stayed true to her crazy self. However at the end she got the whole thing mixed up a little on who she was, Jo or herself and she fucked and started talking as herself, but it was cool.

Britney, drop the cute and innocent act already. You are a mother of two, way past your 19-year-old catholic schoolgirl self, so grow up. And when will your team stop paying off MTV to get you all those awards. You have done some impressive and incredible things in the past, yes, and your music is still bangin', but your video did not deserve to win this year. I will say though, that those little children re-enacting Britney's past was so cute. Ever since I got a little sister myself, I'm a sucker for those things. I can already see her up there doing her thing hahahahaha.

But how weird was it that what was supposed to be a moment about Brit, became an amazing intro to Beyonce. Like, what was up with that. Who decided that when she took the stage to accept her award, she should then turn to introduce someone else. That was an epic fail! I hope they get that that was one of the consequences of not having a host... So stupid!

Russel took the whole "Amy inspired everyone" a bit to far... Yes, she was an amazing talent, but it's not like she has been around for 10 years, breaking records or doing anything groundbreaking, except for the obvious, which is being "a white woman with a black voice." If you take that aside, he gave a nice and heartfelt speech.

Speaking of voices... The sound was way off!! A lot of stars sounded bad because of it, Adele being one of them. Look, this woman is a powerhouse, but this time she didn't do anything to me. I didn't feel that same emotion she normally always brings with it. I think she was a little nervous, which is understandable, but it was just a pity. I did spot her singin' along to everyone though.. That was so nice to see.

HOLD UP!!!!!! Where was Rihanna? And Why didn't she get any solo nods? Was this because of the whole lawsuit for S&M, that MTV didn't wanna include her or sum'?

And Chris... YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO SING!!!! Yes, your dancing and the whole show was off the chain, but you're supposed to sing!!!! At least pre-record it, but don't just lip-sync over the original track. WE CAN TELL and it's not a good look. Plus, you did the flying thing a little too long.. it lost it's impressive-ness the third time you went up in the air.. and the fourth.. fifth.. sixth.. seventh... you get the picture. Also, next time don't wear a suit for a show like that. It made no sense whatsoever.


Tthe moment of silence definitely goes to Beyoncé! What a woman! So classy, so graceful, so beautiful.. I can't believe she kept this pregnancy on the DL for so long. But it all makes sense now. The fact that she recorded the video for Party already, her dreadful outfit at the '4 intimate nights with Beyonce' stint at the Roseland Ballroom. It was just to hide the baby bump. And you best believe that we won't miss her while she goes into labour, cuz of course she will release Party, the live dvd of the Roseland Ballroom concerts and she is set to "perform" (she won't be there live, for obvious reason, but she pre-recorded something) at the MJ-tribute concert. She'll pop that baby, get back into shape and start shooting 'A Star Is Born'. It'll be just like she was never gone.

And her performance was amazing, as always.

Love, R.

P.S.: I think Britney should've kissed Jo. That would have been MAJOR! Now her "lifetime achievement award for music videos will forever be upstaged by Beyoncé. (#betitsuckstobeyourightnow)

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  1. Stop bitching about Nicki...I still love her AND she can wear whatever she wants cuz...bitch does not give a shit hahahahah

    Kisses from Ciggy