ME 'n M.E.: I just did it

This right here is a ME AND My Ego-moment.. Yes I said it, I've got an ego. Boo-hoo; get over it! At least I can admit it. I'm sure you do to. In fact everyone I know, which if you're reading this includes you, does. Anyways, I'm not gonna talk about myself the whole time... I just wanted to share with you that I got them..


and the winners are... #VMA2011

I am tired as hell. 12 hours ago I was still up, watching the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. As a true VMA-fan I can say that performance wise, this was the best VMAs ever. There was not one performer that I didn't like, which is rare. Even that rock band killed it. I enjoyed their show and song and I really have no clue who they are. But you know, I gotta break it down for you DIVO-style. So I'm throwing in all the posts I do on my blog for a very special report on last nights award show.

Images courtesy of MTV


Fall Fashion Lyrical: Just Do It!

It's not everyday, that Nike impresses me. That's a lie! There was a time when Nike sneakers were all I could think about. 10 years ago that is. Then came Puma, followed by FUBU (hahhaha I'm laughing right now, cuz I realize that most people reading this have no clue what I just said. For those of you who don't, it's this urban streetwear brand. You know, like what Prada is to the average fashionista, FUBU was to the average urban kid at one point) and then I decided that I'm a superstar. When your swagg changes, your style changes too. So then I started rockin' All Stars, Adidas, Creative Recreation, Gucci, D&G's and to the big disapproval of many UGGS. I make UGGS look fresh though, #ubetterasksomebody! And I discovered ZARA too, somewhere along the way. They shoes is hot! But I never though I'd come across a pair of Nikes that would literally stop my heartbeat. Until now!


WORD?!: The Kardashians edition

So I'm just chilling on the couch at my parents place (no matter how amazin' it is to have your own place, nothing tops being back @home with your parents, siblings and home cooked meals) and everytime I'm here, I always like to watch E!, since I obviously don't have that channel at my own place. And It just happens to be so that Keeping Up With The Kardashians is on, and it's the episode of Khloe and Lamar's wedding. I know, some of my friends have already pointed out how behind I am hahahaha, but honestly I don't really follow it. I don't know.. It could be me, but I just think that without following their every move, I still get an over-kill dose of Kardashian-info. And since we're just 2 days away from Kim K's wedding, I thought it's the perfect time to do a little WORD?!-session about the Kardashains.


I Love My B... abe: A-list candy girls

Some dudes try so hard and they just can't succeed with the ladies. Others don't try at all and they get p*ssy for days (#Swagg). And a few are famous and surrounded by the most beautiful (black) women in the world... At least in their videos anyways. Case in study:
Jason Derulo

Image courtesy of NYTimes

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TRUTH-B-TOLD: I am what you made me!

I'm a happy person. Ask anyone. And I'm all about positivity (even though it might not seem like it. But think about it, when I criticize these celebs and stuff, I have good reason to do so. It ain't like I'm hatin' for no reason. Cuz let's be honest, I'm here at home bloggin' about them, so they must be doing something right and I ... just haven't started workin' my looks and talent yet hhahahahah) BUT I have to take this opportunity to complain. I feel betrayed by society and it's time that society takes responsibility for it.

Image courtesy of IBtimes


ME& M.E.: word?!

Sometimes you hear news that just makes you go "SERIOUSLY?". It happens to me all the time, and, well, since this is my blog, I figured why not share my sentiments with the world?

  1. How in the world is Kelly Rowland, who just happens to be in the biggest selling female group of all time, the opening act to Chris Brown?? I know she doesn't sell on her own, but DAMN!
  2. Aren't you ready for twitter to be over, just so all these celebrities can stop making a damn fool of themselves? (y'all know who you are)
  3. Do you still think the Biebs is innocent? That's all! (I wanna say sum', but you know his fans are CRA-ZY with a capitol Z)
  4. And speaking of the teen heart robs, are Chris and Bieber the next duo to make a 'best of both worlds'-album? (Face Off part 2)
  5. First all female singers started falling on stage. Then they started flashing everything from nipples (quite the motivation) to they ... vajeje's (u r such a rudeGIRL). So now that Kanye fell on stage, is this a sign that all male singers are gonna start flashing their private parts too? (Please, let me be wrong lord)
Image courtesy of IBtimes      

You don't have to awnser (obviously these are all rhetorical), but if you feel like you can enlighten me, please do!

Love, R.


TRUTH BE TOLD: I haven't seen your latest music video breezy

So, my boy Chris dropped his mixtape Boy In Detention last week, and as usual it's good. If I'm totally honest though, I have to say that I don't think it's as good as In My Zone or Fan Of A Fan. There's nothing wrong with the quality of the songs, it's just that this go 'round I'm not as surprised as I was before. Yes, they're all originals (*acts like Marvin's Room and Last aren't on there*), but upon reading the titles, it feels like he's rippin' his own work off between First 48 and Ladies Love Me. And how many volumes of Real Hip Hop is he going to make? But you know what they say; don't judge a book by its cover, so I gave it a shot anyways (as if I wouldn't)...



Fall Fashion Lyrical: all you need is... FURRR (and a belt)

With summer weather so horrendous, you're starting to doubt all those "the world is getting warmer-green house effect"-ish, it's the perfect time to start looking at the fashion for this fall. Of course I ain't no ALT (please know who I'm talking about), but still I'm going to tell you about the trends for this season. Whatchusay? "Who am I to talk about trends?" HELLO, this is MY blog, if you don't like it, LEAVEEEE. Ain't nobody forcing you to be here! Damn, stop with all the hating you guys, it's not fly and it's killin' y'all cool!

Images courtesy of beyonceonline, Vanity Fair & Flaunt

I don't know where PETA is hangin' out these days, but it seems like it's safe to deck yourself out in chinchillas and minx again, cuz all the diva's are doing it. From Zoe in Flaunt and J.Lo (who bares more than just her skin) in Vanity Fair, to my girl B. on the cover of her latest effort '4', rockin' an Alexandre Vauthier fox-fur stole which is embellished by the Lesage embroidery house with Swarovski crystals, it's a fact; FUR IS HOT AGAIN! It seems like the designers all agree...


M.O.S.: Serena vanderLEEEEGS

In my previous post I wrote about the sensational Blake Lively @the Met Gala 2010 a.k.a. a sight that still makes my blood pump faster.. I said BLOOD you perv!!! Anyways here's the picture in question.



It's about that time y'all; September a.k.a. the most important month in the amazingly (expensive might I add, my wallet should know) world of MAGAZINESSSSSS! Now of course the title of this item suggest that it is about my favourite dreamgirl AGAIN, but it isn't ( although she graces 2 covers of the month in which "our year officially starts"). No! It's about, IMO, the brand which is actually runs this town. I remember buying the March issue of ELLE, just because their clothes made such an impact. The colour blocking, the boldness, the vibrant-ness of the colours - I LOVED IT! And they were everywhere, from the covers, to the red carpet, to the cheaper knock-off versions @ZARA.

This is the cover of Chinese VOGUE, but it perfectly reflects the fashion that graces the covers which are currently on or about to hit the newsstands. You better be able to recognize these dresses though.. If you don't know which fashion house they belong to shoot yo'self. Then continue reading to find out the awnser, and also which recently divorcee spotted this trend back in May.