And the nominees are... #vma2011

YEEEESSSS! It's about that time, #awardshowseason is starting again.. Well it's up for discussion when it starts, but I consider the VMA's (my personal favourite, even though lately they have been disappointing me more and more) to be the start. Last week they announced the nominees and to my surprise GaGa is not leading the nominees like she has for the past 2 years. Does this mean that we have reached the edge of GaGa's glory??

Best Pop Video
- Rolling in the Deep (Adele): I do not have a bad thing to say about Adele. I do wish she herself would have played a bigger part in the video, but the video is visually stunning and there's a real concept. It's like art.
- Till The World Ends (B. Spears): Britney, Britney, Britney... Next to papa knowles you have the absolute best team in the industry. They put you back on top after you've fallen off, and you stayed there. But I am just tired of you not singing live (really, you would've tried harder @billboard awards 2011). And Seriously, this video is just a mash-up of 'Me Against the Music' and 'I'm a Slave 4 U'. I'm just saying.
- Grenade (B. Mars): Bruno is my man, and this video.. That rain at the beginning just sets the perfect mood for the emotion of this song. It's just perfect. Need I say more?
- Last Friday Night (K. Perry): Hanson, Glee, party, the '80's, that fashion... this video is fun, upbeat, bubbly, it's POP! Katy should win this one.
- Give Me Everything (Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo): Oh my god, this song... Look, this song is hot for the clubs. But that's where it should have stayed!! For real. Have you seen them perform this song?? It's just awkward. And the video. I just don't get it, honestly. If they take home this award, I. Will. Die. Twice.

Best Rock Video
I could pretend like I've seen any of these, but I would clearly be lying. So I just wish them all luck!

Best Hip-Hop Video
- Look At Me Now (C.Brown ft. Lil Wayne & B. Rhymes): Well they finally got to the party I guess (after 'Beautiful People'). This song is sooo dope. Busta just tears this ish up. But the video.. it's just OK.
- All Of The Lights (Kanye West ft. Rihanna & K. Cudi): My eyes are still hurting from this one. I couldn't finish watching it. Kanye, I'm sure it's super ill with a great concept, but I need the version for people who are not trying to go blind. That's the least you can give me, cuz you get my vote for this one.
- 6 Foot, 7 Foot (Lil Wayne): Inception, huh? That's cool. But next time PLEASSSEEEEE don't do the literal visual translation of the lyrics (king, father time, mother nature.. and the list goes on). P.S. that red dress is beyond tacky!!
- The Show Goes On (L. Fiasco): Lupe, my man, stop walking! I gotta ask you something. Haven't I seen you do a red carpet and spotlights-thing in one of your video's already?? Correct me if I'm wrong.
- Super Bass (N. Minaj): So I guess this is what California Gurls would be if Katy Perry was black. It's nice. It's fresh. I mean, all the naked guys, were a little too much (I get it, I have to hit the gym, geez, just put your shirts back on already... SHOW OFFS!!), but the ladies deserve a lil sum' sum' too, so I'll let it slide. And Nicki, I see you rockin' them high fashion shoes (I'm in fashion, of course I noticed, DUH!). I wouldn't mind you winning either boo.

Best New Artist- My Last (B. Sean ft. C. Brown): I like this video. It's nothing special, but it's good. I love the cinematography. And the settings. It's cool. But just for the record, that girl does NOT look like BeyoncĂ©. If we can agree on that, Sean gets my vote.
- Pumped Up Kicks (Foster the People): Can we please not give this award to the group that decided their first video was going to be a diary of their life on the road. This is okay when you're already established and you're on tour, don't have time to do a proper video, but still want to give the fans sum'. Even then it's wrong, but as fans we'll eat anything up if we've been waiting for new material long enough.
- Gucci Gucci (Kreayshawn): NEXT!. I'm sorry, but this reminds of M.I.A. waaay too much. I don't like her either. Sorry y'all.
- Yonkers (Tyler, The Creator): Naah man.. this video is just wrong. Not my cup of tea.
- Black And Yellow (Wiz Khalifa): He gets points for letting the community shines. But that is it.

Best Female Video
- Rolling In The Deep (Adele): Adele.. No, I still can't say a bad thing about the woman who sang 'Someone Like You'..
- Run The World (Girls) (Beyoncé): It's B! She runs this! I'm glad we are past the black-n-white-Sasha-Fierce-videos-era. Just for shaking that off, she should get this award. Let's NOT do black-n-white anymore B. My vote, obviously, goes to you.
- Firework (K. Perry): Katy this has been your year. I know your album sales weren't that amazing, but your singles were all hits and each and every one of your video's was HOTTT!
- Born This Way (L. Gaga): I almost wanted to vote for Gaga out of pity (no best pop or video of the year nomination).. Until I remembered what this video looked liked. Gaga done lost her mind. BUTTT for once, she looks hot (in the dance sequence). Of course she killed that fantasy after that nude shoot for Vogue Japan.
- Super Bass (N. Minaj): Nicki it was cool, like I said, but in this category it's not cutting it.

Best Male Video
- Grenade (B. Mars): He made me feel like I wrote that song and was going through that story. Or did I feel like that because.... anyways, this video was the bizz, Bruno should take this one home.
- Fuck You (C.-L. Green): Cee-Lo, okay, this video was fun with all the graphic elements and stuff. It was crazy, just like you. In a good way!
- Love The Way You Lie (Eminem ft. Rihanna): If it wasn't for Bruno, my vote would have gone to Eminem. This video was on point.
- U Smile (J. Bieber): I know his fans are watching me, so I have nothing to say about the Biebs.
- All Of The Lights (K. West ft. Rihanna & K. Cudi): My eyes are still recovering 'Ye. Maybe next year.

Best Collaboration
- Look At Me Now (C. Brown ft. Lil Wayne & B. Rhymes): Yeah, this collab was #epic. I think Chris should keep working with other artists. He's great at it.
- All Of The Lights (K. West ft. Rihanna & K. Cudi): I'm starting to see again. Finally. But I'm still not over this video.
- E.T. (K. Perry ft. K. West): YESSS! Kanye saved this song. I know, I know, he just raps on it, but without the rap the song is so plane and swagg-less.. 4 real.
- Moment 4 Life (N. Minaj ft. Drake): I love Nicki (when she doesn't go overboard with the fashion) and I love Drake's music, but I am just tired of the whole hype around these 2, so I can't..
- Give Me Everything (Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo): Not this video again.

Video Of The Year
- Rolling In The Deep (Adele): You can't deny it, this was most def. the song of the year (early grammy prediction). So Adele this is the one you should take home.
- Make Some Noise (B. Boys): I haven't seen this video on TV once. It should not be nominated in this category.
- Grenade (B. Mars): Sorry man, the others were just bigger than you this year.
- Firework (K. Perry): This was your year though. To be honest you get my vote too.
- Yonkers (Tyler, The C.): ARE YOU KIDDING ME ????!!!!!

I hate this whole voting system on these award shows. Because we all know some people don't stand a chance just because their fans are not the voting type. I mean, I love beyonce, but I just don't like to do these online voting things. Teenage girls do. So Bieber and Katy are shoe ins. Whatchugondo, right? I think I will vote this year though, because I really don't want some people to win. The VMA's used to be the coolest award show, but for some reason they don't understand that they have to do it at the Radio City Music Hall. Every other place is just crap. And what happened to Best Dance and Best Group?

OOH AND BTW MTV, BEST CHOREOGRAPHY BETTER GO TO BEYONCE. OR GAGA. Bruno and LMFAO are just jokes and Britney... If she wins I won't just die, I'll take y'all with me! Thank you very much.

Love, R.

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