I love Amber! Why? Because Amber loves me : D. Now before, you start stalking me on FB, trying to put a face to this 'Amber', you should know that she is not an actual person. Amber is just the name for the biannual Arnhem Mode Biennale, which just took place in Arnhem, Holland, last month. I was chosen out of hundreds to be one of their online editors. The pleasure was all mine to write pieces about the incredible Juun.J. Due to their web design they couldn't post my pieces the way I created them, but I still wanted to share what I did with you..

the funny thing is that it was sort of a "competition" to get selected as one of the editors. You had to submit a first piece for them to judge. I was actually in Berlin on a trip, when I realised that I had one hour to submit my piece, so I just did me (aka use my love for/knowledge of music) and wrote down like a couple of lines and when I got back in Holland I got an email from them, saying that they loved it and that I got the job. Anyways, this is what I did. I know, I know, the lay-out kinda sucks, but I was on a computer without Indesign, so I just had to do it in paint. And besides. When I send it to them, they only got the lines and they thought it was good, so hush!

The third piece I did for them is superb. Honestly, it's one of the best articles I've ever written and even my English teacher was impressed (and that man is just impossible to impress, believe me).

Some of you might know this about me already, but I also write songs. Since they knew that, they asked me to write a song about Juun.J as well. U curious about it?? Lemme know how you liked these pieces and I'll post the song later ; )

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