HOT NEW JOINT by Breezy!

There was a time when I was in love with Ne-Yo... Wait, that sounded wrong.. I mean, I was in love with his work.. No, I mean.. aah fck it! What I'm trying to say is that I was his biggest fan. Like, everything that dude penned down was just raw emotion. The things you felt, but couldn't put into words yourself, let alone face or deal with. So Sick, Let Me Love You, Do You, Go On Girl and even Unfaithful (for reasons I shall not get into). But he just lost me from the first time I heard Beautiful Monster. Like, what happened Ne-Yo? What were you thinking? Not to mention the (imo) dreadful video that came with it. I need Ne-Yo to jump off this euro-dance-pop-sound everyone from GaGa tot Breezy is on, cuz it's not working for him.

Breezy, however has still managed to give me some R&B. I mean, this boy don't play around. Right now Chris is my favourite songwriter most def. Listen to this next song and you'll know why.. I mean, it's no Grammy winning song or anything, but still, it makes you think.

I think Rihanna should never go back to him, just for the sake of his inspiration. (I know it's horrible what he did to her and all, but that's in the past. Let's move on already. And don't act like she hasn't used it to get ahead in the game. That incident is a big part of the reason why she is as "big" as she is now (even though homegirl still can't sell a record or sell out a concert). I just need her to keep working on those vocals and start being real (or at least make us believe the marketing) and then I'll love her more).

Love, R.


  1. Love the song,, It;s strong stuff.. Really nice blogg

  2. Thnx! I appreciate it