This right here is why I love fashion, because fashion allows you to be your crazy, eccentric, extravagant self; no questions asked.
IT'S TRUE!! I mean, do you think you could pull this look off in a we-so-gangsta-in-our-Nickelson-coats-and-Jordan's-and-u-so-gay-in-your-slim-fit-red-jeans-minded city like Rotterdam? Not in a million years. But in fashion people die for this ish.. Or they would anyways. Now, I've always been known to stand out fashion wise, cuz I simply don't give a d*** about it.. Seriously, I'm a Superstar, I'm supposed to look different, DUHH! And this look right here... Aaah man, let's just say that I MYSELF, would die for this one. Just one oppertunity to swagg this one out to the VMA's.

*moment of silence*

Amen! I know you're wondering if this is my VMA-outfit, what I'd rock to the Grammy's.. Check it out after the jump

This is it, the winner, this look will stop the traffic on the red carpet for sho'. I gotta thank Jean-Paul Gaultier Haute Couture though, cuz this stuff is like on some higher level ish. Like the GOD of SWAG blessed us mortals with Swagg 10.0; couture style. Words can not describe the dopeness of it. Your average Joe can't, not in any world, pull this off. It's all about having the swagg.. And baby, I got plenty. #justsaying

personally I think this is a little too much, but this model got swagg for days, so he makes it work, and I believe it. That's what #black does. No disrespect to the other beautiful races of the world, but black.. we define SWAGG hahahaha

Love, R.
Images courtesy of Style.com

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