Cover Wars: the JUICY edition

So I've been waiting forever for this months issue of W magazine, which was reported to have 3 different covers with my girl B. I was going back n forth, trying to decide which cover I would buy (aka convincing myself that it would be absolutely insane to by all 3), only to get to the store and find a naked Christina Aguilera gracing the cover. She is naked and it wasn't even HOT!! Like, what's the point. It was not that artsy, get over it!. So I open it, to see if it really was the issue I was looking for, and as it turns out they now only had 2 covers, one with B, which of course they don't seem to have anywhere in Amsterdam or Rotterdam (#lovelivin'inHolland #NOT), and one with a very pale looking X-tina (what has she been up to lately anyways, except for that amazing track with Maroon 5). So I'm like, aaight, do y'all thing!

But then I turn around and find out that another one of my imaginary girlfriends is being played. You can come out now Ashton, it's not funny anymore. First of all I am AGAINST this August/September cover of VIBE's Juice issue, because I think Kelly is better than that. Sex doesn't sell anymore (we have youporn, hello??), the idea of sex does the trick. And Kelly being naked just motivates me to move #ontothenext (and baby that wig is not cute yo. Just rock your short hair or get some new human hair Brazilian lace front or sum'.. Holla@B). But then they turned around and made it a double cover too. Guess who bumped Kelly like this....

Images courtesy of VIBE

Yes, Amy Winehouse. Look, it's horrible what happened to her, my prayers go out to her family and loved ones and all, but can we stop this madness of suddenly jumping on this bandwagon of the famous-person-died-hype?? Please! Because I know that a month ago everyone was still all up in her bizzz trying to judge and stuff, not knowing what she was up to and ish. You weren't checkin' for her, get real!

What I'm trying to say is that we should appreciate, respect, love and cherish people while they are still alive. Don't you want them to know how you really feel. F*** pride and all that BS. If you love someone, don't let some stupid reason like "not wanting to be the first to make a move" or some other ish be your excuse not to. Just be proud of what you feel. You might save some lives, after all, you never know.

And I just think it's very suspicious how everytime some dies, MTV and other channels just happen to find some never-before-seen footage of them. It's like they pile that shit up, waiting for people to die. Could you imagine your agent telling you that you have an interview with E! for them to keep until you die?? #SMH

Love, R.

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