Beyonce ft. The Roots @JimmyFallon

So, anyone who knows me, knows that I think very highly of the one and only Beyoncé (to say the least). And in contrary to common belief, it's not because she's so freaking hot. I love this woman because of her talent. Her ability to perform. I dare say that she is the best entertainer/performer of this generation. I'm talking about someone who dances her behind off all night long, while still giving me live, on-point intricate vocals..

Now, this next video doesn't even make the top 50 of her best performances ever, but it's the fact that just 2 weeks ago this chick had to stop the taping of a TV special, after losing her voice over lack of rest. And hours before this performance was taped, she did 2 songs on The View and an interview. And still she's giving you this. True fans (one might say the STANS) will notice 2 point that indicate her voice not being 100% and others that pay attention might hear that she's still soar. But STILL!!!!

Check it out for yourself after the jump ( and yes the musical arrangement sometimes sucks, but that's The Roots. They played with her instead of her own all-female band)

I just love when ignorant people try to make me feel bad about being a fan of this POWERHOUSE by trash talking her. Really, this is someone who is breaking records. From being the first African-American woman to win the award for Songwriter Of The Year to winning 6 Grammy's in 1 night, her story is nothing short from epic.

However, I regret that she fired her dad (come on B, do you really think papa Knowles would steal from you?? Really?), because this new team she got working for her is not doing its job. I mean, the album came out without much promotion. Except for her #EPIC performances on Billboard and Oprah's Farewell Extravaganza of RTW(G), she was not performing or doing interviews on any shows until now basically... A couple of extra appearances would've pushed that song at least into the top 20 or sum'. At this rate, she won't get past 2 Grammy's next year (come on, she's a shoe in for the R&B category of best contemporary album and best female vocalist. U best believe she not going home empty handed). I'm trying to top I Am Sasha Fierce here B, work with me!

Love, R.

P.S.:Who run this motha? #KingB!

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