This dude right here (MATEO), I am telling you, hands down, he is the BEST MALE VOCALIST around. He's still flying under the radar, but I can not wait for him to step into the limelight. Basically I love everything he does. 'Get To Know Me' was the first song I heard from him on, when I first got introduced to him on CL, but I think 'Doubt' is one of the BEST SONGS EVER!!

The next one is for all the Maxwell/Miguel lovers and all the people who've ever been in an impossible relationship.

One one hand I want him to get signed to a major label and all that, but on the other I don't. I mean.. Look at Jessie J. The first time I saw her was @ a Chris Brown concert back in February of '09. She was the opening act. She Ripped that stage apart. I was blown away by her talent, vocal abilities, sound and uniqueness. But now that I see her videos and all.. I kinda feel like she lost her "cool". But watchugonndo, right? After all, the music industry is still about bizznizz and makin' a lil' cheap change.

Anyways, make sure to peep his version of 'Empire State Of Mind', Drake's 'Forever' and my favourite remake of his, GaGa's 'Bad Romance'.

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